Free Car Shows Roll into Katy, Loaded with Priceless Memories


April 16, 2021

By Jennifer Miko

Car enthusiasts don’t have to travel far to show off their special cars or trucks. Local car clubs cater to all vehicles, ready to impress fans to afficionados. Scroll down for a guide to the free car shows rolling into Katy this month. Remember, every car has a story.

Bart Adams and his daughter Emily on a sentimental journey

Car shows fill the events calendars in the Houston area, at least until May, while the temperatures are still bearable.

In Texas, some car and truck shows can host over 2,000 vehicles. Crowd favorites include vehicles that have been featured in national magazines and cost $200-$300K. Bart Adams of Katy says all versions of the Chevy C10 draws crowds at the truck shows, while the C8 Corvette is the hot car at the moment.

“Anytime an exotic car like a Lamborghini or Ferrari are present, people love them,” says Bart Adams. “But overall, any car or truck that is well done and stands out from the crowd is always a favorite.”

From Hot Wheels to Hot Rods

Bart has been attending car shows all of his life. He enjoys seeing the craftsmanship that people put into the cars and follows the different trends that develop over the years.

“My love of cars started from childhood,” says Bart, who now works in construction. “I naturally gravitated to Hot Wheels, model cars, and Legos.”

In 2009, Bart bought his first car to restore – a red 1971 Chevy Chevelle Convertible. He paid $5000 for it. The Chevelle had been sold five times by the time Bart bought it, but the title was in the name of the original owners from 1972. He was able to reach out to them to get the title transferred, and they have been friends ever since. Bart hopes to drive the Chevelle up to visit them in Indiana so they can see it in person.

For five years, Bart worked with his father-in-law Bill Lawton to restore the Chevelle. Bill had retired from Mac Haik Enterprises, but wanted to keep busy. He drove regular school bus routes for Katy ISD, and later became a Special Education bus driver. In 2011, he was elected as a Katy City Councilmember and served until he passed away in 2015.