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Harris County Pct. 5 Officers Take Katy Drug Dealer Off the Streets


August 17, 2018

By Jennifer Lynn Skelton

Deputies with Constable Ted Heap’s Office arrested a Katy drug dealer late Tuesday night at his home in north Katy.

In the raid on the suspect’s home in the 20000 block of Fort Dodge in the Sundown subdivision near the intersection of Saums and N. Fry Rd., officers found a variety of drugs, including crystal meth, THC candy, powder cocaine and crack cocaine.

Precinct 5’s Narcotics Unit has been investigating Brodrick Glenn, 40, for several weeks. Deputies recently obtained a search warrant and arrested Glenn at his home without incident.

Glenn was found in possession of 59 grams of cocaine (powder & crack cocaine), 20 grams of crystal meth, 26 grams of THC Edible candy, 94 grams of marijuana, and several bottles of codeine and promethazine. He also had Soma and Hydrocodone pills as well as several weapons, one of which was stolen.

There was not doubt, by the items located at the bust, that Glenn was actively selling drugs. Such items include scales and baggies. Among the most disturbing finds, were baby bottles among the drug supplies, although it is not clear if a baby was found at the residence at the time, resides at the residence or was a visitor at some point.

Glenn was charged with Possession with Intent to Deal. He is currently free on a $30,000 bond and is due back in court on September 11, 2018. Glenn does not have a prior criminal record in Harris County.


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