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Heartwarming Send Off for Katy's Newest Military Recruits


July 28, 2018

Ashley Lancaster

Opening photo by Troy Burleigh

On August 5, the Katy community is invited come out and say "Thank you" and "Good luck" to the brave young men and women who have enlisted in the military.

Texans Embracing America's Military (T.E.A.M.) was formed in early 2018 by Ralph Oliver, who noticed that Katy is home to some very brave young men and women that deserve recognition for enlisting in the military. In the final moments before they leave, recruits embrace their loved ones and say tearful goodbyes. "This is why T.E.A.M. was created, to show these kids and their families that someone cares," says Oliver.

Saying "Thank You" to Katy Recruits

On August 5, T.E.A.M. will host a send-off event for Katy teens have enlisted in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps before they head to boot camp.

Since their first send-off event in March, T.E.A.M., along with Katy veterans, first responders, families, and local organizations, has given a heartfelt farewell to dozens of recruits. Some of their partners include Harris County Sheriff‘s Office, Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office, Katy Fire Department, Katy Police Department, Willowfork Fire Department, Waller-Harris County ESD 200, and the Department of Public Safety, among others.

On the day of the event, Katy recruits are presented by their recruiting officer on stage, and family members and friends are invited to share kind words of encouragement. Katy veterans of foreign wars come in full military dress as the honor guard proudly posts the colors, followed by a prayer by a local church leader and the National Anthem. As the group's popularity grows, more and more community leaders and organizations are stepping up to participate.

Nora Hannusch, a T.E.A.M. organizer and representative for Harris County ESD 48, is a military mom herself, and urges the community to show up and support these families.

"We are excited when people attend an event, but it's more than just coming to one send-off and that's it. Each and every recruit deserves a proper farewell, so we need the community to come to every send-off," she says.

The public is invited to come out and show their support. The next event will be on Sunday, August 5, 2018 at 6206 George Bush Dr. at the Katy VFW Post at 2 p.m. In addition to their presentation, there will also be patriotically painted cars for photos, guest speakers, and up to 30 young recruits to honor.

To learn more about Texans Embracing America's Military (T.E.A.M.), visit their Facebook page.


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