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Saving Neighbors and Helping Strangers

Ben and Michelle Hilton helped their neighbors get to safety and continue blessing others after the storm.

KATY MAGAZINE I October, 2017

Photo and Story by Tiffany Lanza

When natural disasters occur, ordinary people rise to the occasion and become heroes to the community around them. This is what happened in the community of Katy Creek Ranch in Katy Texas, during Hurricane Harvey.

Ben and Michelle Hilton, along with a group of fellow neighbors became the neighborhood heroes during a time of fear and rising water.

On the night of August 27, 2017 Hurricane Harvey's aftermath began moving west the Grand Parkway. Within a couple hours, the Katy Creek Ranch subdivision and surrounding areas began to suffer the effects of inevitable flooding.

Water Spilling in the Neighborhood

The Detention Pond and Cinco Ranch Bayou both became overflowing and spilled into the neighborhood. The combination of run off from the front of the neighborhood and over flow from the pond and bayou began the first retention of water in KCR. The next morning, residents began posting updates on the KCR Facebook page. The community learned of the homes that had been flooded by the surge of water. This prompted Ben and Michelle to jump into action.

They got out their boat and kayak to see the flooding and damage. That is where their heroism began. With a small team of neighbors, they began rescuing families that needed to be evacuated. Neighbors started to post to the Facebook page for rescue and the rescue team would be around the corner. He also kept the community posted on the water levels through pictures and videos while exploring different sections of the community. They even ventured to help people in close by communities.

Once the water had receded, they started their next mission which involved both neighbors and LDS church groups. They have been reaching out in love and working around the clock filling needs of neighbors and friends who were impacted.

The Hilton Family two weeks after the storm: L to R: Benson 5, Natalie 8, Emily 6, Mom MIchelle, Kylie 3, Dad Ben, and Lily 15 months



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