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Honduran Burglary Ring Arrested in Katy


July 9, 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

Detectives with Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office arrested six suspects from Honduras wanted in at least 70 home burglaries in Fort Bend County. The arrests come after an in-depth investigation.

Suspects Linked to 70 Home Burglaries

On July 2, 2019, an operation was conducted in which detectives from the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office identified suspects committing a home burglary. Detectives moved in on the group and arrested six suspects on burglary or burglary related charges. Detectives gathered information that indicated these suspects were part of a group committing burglaries within unincorporated Fort Bend County, Houston, Sugar Land, and Pearland. All of the suspects arrested have ICE holds. They were found linked to 70 home burglaries.

Sheriff Nehls Praises Investigators

“The diligent efforts of these detectives and their ability to coordinate the activities within this department and with the officers of the other agencies is commendable and should stand as an example for all in the law enforcement profession,” said Sheriff Troy Nehls.

Suspects Had Been Deported, Returned to U.S. Illegally

Detectives learned through interviews that the majority of the suspects had been deported previously and came back into the country illegally to commit crimes.

One suspect, Marlon Rivera-Hernandez, admitted to trying many times to come back after his last deportation. He hired coyotes, human smugglers to help him get into Mexico from Honduras and then cross the river into the United States. He was committing burglaries within a couple of weeks of being back in the U.S.

Investigation Started January 2019

The investigation that ultimately lead to this group started in January 2019 after many reports of home burglaries targeting Indian, Asian, and Middle Eastern communities.

The six suspects arrested include: Marvin Manuel Menjivar-Mejia, 32; Denis Ariel Hernandez-Cruz, 28; Marlon Rivera-Hernandez, 41; Selvin Rivera-Hernandez, 33; Elvin Ayala Lopez, 19; and Yoandris Miro, 25.

Sheriff Concerned Over Border Control

“It is just astounding that all six suspects have not let deportation stop them from coming back into this country illegally time and time again and unashamedly commit crime after crime," says Nehls. "Something needs to be done about our border security!”


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