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Katy Artist Partners with Buc-ees and Junk Gypsy in ‘Road Trip’ Series


May 12, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

A popular Katy artist and musician partners with Buc-ees and Junk Gypsy to sell new “Road Trip” art series.

Artwork by Katy's Wayne Kerr.

Katy Artist Creates 'Road Trip' Art Series

You can’t experience a Texas road trip without stopping at Buc-ees! Now Katy’s Wayne Kerr, a multi-recording Christian artist and worship leader at Grace Fellowship Church has created the ultimate art series for the iconic Texas store, a “Road Trip” series.

His art series is now for sale at Buc-ees and Junk Gypsy.

“it’s super fun to be able to partner with these two amazing Texas companies,” says Wayne Kerr, who explains that this journey began over a year ago.

Never Give Up

“This should also be a reminder that sometimes things go much slower than you wish they would, but to not give up,” says Kerr.

The whole partnership began when Buc-ees saw a painting that Kerr had done for the cover of the Round Top Antique Wees Magazine. The painting was of an old blue truck with a bunch of antiques in the back.

“The folks at Buc-ees started carrying prints of it at just a couple of their stores in Central Texas,” says Kerr. “Then last June, they contacted me about brainstorming an idea for a possible road trip series which would involve an old red truck full of fun things that they carry in their store…there’s an old red truck at each of their locations!”

COVID Cancelations Paved the Way Towards More Art

While COVID caused so much heartache around the world in suffering. So many events were canceled. Kerr saw many music festivals, book tour events, art events all canceled. However, this did give him more time to devote to other projects such as artwork for Buc-ees.

“Then a few months ago I was contact that again as Junk Gypsy was launching a line in all the Buc-ees stores,” says Kerr. “So, I added a piece focusing on them to round out this road trip series.”

There are three truck designs, each with a different focus.

Look at All the Stories

“My goal is that at first glance people look at the painting and say, oh, cool truck…but then your eye gets drawn in to look at all of the little stories and details of things going on in the painting,” says Kerr.

Kerr is partial to a painting of a 100-year old chapel that he did that he finds very peaceful.

Many know Kerr for his music. In his extensive music career, he recorded 10 albums and toured all over world. Many Katy youth grew up seeing him perform in youth camps.

Wayne Kerr leads worship at Katy's Grace Fellowship Church.

Correlations Between Music and Art

“There are so many correlations between music and art,” explains Kerr. “Songwriting is much like painting. you’re trying to convey something; you’re trying to allow the listener to experience a feeling… There’s a note here, a mark here, an expression here… It’s very similar.”

Kerr published his book, “Braving: The Art of Pursuing What Makes You Come Alive.” earlier this year. He recently recorded the audiobook.

Learn more about his art and music.


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