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Katy Boutique Needs Help Identifying Burglary Suspects


January 18, 2019

by Natalie Cook Clark and Ariana Pezeshki

Katy's Southern Divas Boutique located in Cinco Ranch was burglarized over the weekend by caught on camera thieves who were seen scoping out the shop earlier that day. Southern Divas Boutique is seeking the public's help identifying the suspects to authorities.

Targeted by Thieves

Southern Divas Boutique's security video clearly shows a woman, who they believe to be a scout for the oncoming crime looking around the store with a small child and no purse last Saturday afternoon. The video of the burglary takes place at 12:30 am on Sunday when the woman and a man return to the store. The suspects stole a safe with the stores earnings of about $700 along with it's computers.

Watch the first video of the burglary at the Southern Divas Boutique.

Shocked by Video Footage

Store owner Melinda Strain was shocked by the burglary in her store, and says she didn't think anything like this could happen to her store. "We're working with an investigator and we've learned that these same suspects are hitting other businesses around the greater Houston area. We hope by sharing this video that not only will it catch them but help other businesses see them and stop them before this happens to them," says owner Melinda Strain.

Watch the second video from the burglary.

"We've talk to our staff and have increased security as has our business neighbors who have all been very supportive," said Strain.

If you have any information on this crime please contact Detective Adam Garcia at 281-341-3830.

Southern Divas Boutique's second location is in Cypress. They have increased security there as well in to prevent further theft.


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