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Katy Business Owners Stress Over Ongoing Break-Ins


August 1, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

Over 15 Katy businesses were burglarized within a week of each other. Business owners are supporting each other and making changes as the crimes continue.

Photo courtesy: Andres Suarez

Katy Businesses Worry About Break-Ins

Local businesses continue to suffer from the pandemic and economic crisis. Now Katy businesses have to worry about break-ins. Over 15 businesses were broken into since last Wednesday, 11 were all in the Katy Asian Town area.

“I’m worried for my business, my staff, and my neighbors,” says Gilbert Fung, owner of Dim Sum Box. “It’s been tough with the pandemic, raising prices, inflation and labor shortages to stay open and now this.”

Fortunately, Dim Sum Box hasn’t been burglarized but 11 of Funz' business neighbors are victims.

“It’s definitely getting worse and is more prevalent and more frequent,” says Holly and Toan Doan, owners of Breaktime Tea Lounge and Banh mi. “We share in the pain, loss, and frustration with our neighboring businesses that were affected.”

Breaktime Tea Lounge and Banh mi were broken into twice in a two week period.

Demi Cruz Studio (a fashion clothing store,) Kurry Walah The Indian Restaurant, Hong Kong Cafe, and Hauerlands Fine Goods were all broken into Thursday morning around 3:00 a.m.

Andres Suarez, owner of Demi Cruz Studio says that the impacts to small businesses just keep coming with the pandemic, war, new taxes, inflation, recession, and now insecurity.

Suarez says that a “good amount” was stolen. “Imagine it's end of the month with rent and payroll due,” says Suarez.

But business owners are helping each other and hoping to take steps to help prevent such thefts.

Post shared from Gil Fung.

Fung shared on social media and informed his neighbors of the steps he is taking to help prevent crime.

  • Lock up

  • Arm Alarm

  • Leave Lights On

  • Leave Empty Registers Open

  • Pray to God

He has also posted a sign letting everyone know that his restaurant is cashless and do not keep a safe or cash on the premises.

The community can help by continuing to support local businesses.

“The community response has been overwhelming and so appreciated,” says the Doans.

Katy Magazine reached out the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and didn’t get a response.


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