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Katy Christian Ministries Launches Adopt-a-Child-for-Christmas Program

Through their Santa's Sleigh 2017 program, Katy Christian Ministries (KCM) will connect families able to bless with children and senior adults in need of blessings this holiday season.


November 29, 2017

By Ashley Lancaster

This year, many Katy families will find it difficult to provide a magical Christmas for their kids due to costly home repairs, job woes, and other financial struggles lingering after Hurricane Harvey. But KCM's Santa's Sleigh program comes at a perfect time for those able and willing to provide gifts and donations to children and seniors.

Adopt a child or senior adult this Christmas

Donors can visit the KCM website to register, and participating individuals, families, businesses, or groups will received a notification once you have been matched with a child or senior adult, with a list of their top five wish list items that include:

Favorite colors


Clothing sizes

and more.

Click here to fill out the adoption form. Registrations have already begun, and soon donors will be matched to their 2017 child or senior adult.

To inquire about registering your child or family member, or for more information, email


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