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Katy Elementary Receives Historical Marker as Katy's First Schoolhouse

Katy ISD superintendent Dr. Lance Hindt along with members of the school board, Katy Elementary School staff, Mayor Chuck Brawner, and State Representative Mike Schofield were among those in attendance for the unveiling of the new historical marker at Katy Elementary School, the site of the first schoolhouse in Katy.


November 10, 2017

By Ashley Lancaster

Katy Elementary, "The Original"

The original property, a small one-room house, was established in 1898 and slated by the founders of the town to be used for public education. The current Katy Elementary campus was built in 1965, renovated in 1989 and again in 1995. Today, students play on the same location as the original playground. The first school bell from 1909 still hangs in the main entrance of the campus.

A Tribute to Katy's legacy All of Katy Elementary's students and staff were in attendance for a special ceremony that included opening remarks from Katy ISD School Board president Ashley Vann who stated, "The legacy this school has created is why Katy ISD is a destination school district. The legacy started here."

School principal Beth Grimet introduced and recognized those individuals who were responsible for organizing the event, including the Katy Elementary PTO leadership board including Mrs. Monica Oldham, Stephanie Richter, Carrie Singletary, Brandi Traylor, Jennifer Bradley, Nessa Gutierrez, and Kristel Meadows; assistant principal Ashley Pierce, and Mr. Chris Harris, "without whom," she states, "today would not have been possible."

Former Katy Elementary teachers and staff, Katy ISD namesakes, and Katy ISD legacy families and children were also recognized. Chris Harris, who did the research and footwork to have a marker placed at the school presented an informational slideshow for kids and adults, giving everyone present a history of the site where Katy Elementary now sits.

State recognition Mayor Chuck Brawner read the proclamation, while Texas state representative Mike Schofield read the offical historical marker, said a few words as well, "In a growing city like Katy, its important to be mindful of our past. The Beckendorffs, Mortons...these aren't just names on roads, they are the people who built this place. This school is where education in Katy began, and it has gone from a few dozen families in 1898, to over 300,000 people. We received from them, and future generations will received from us." Superintendent Dr. Lance Hindt closed the ceremony.

Those Katy kids

The ceremony ended with a fun, campus-wide performance of the school song, "Katy Kids", before students were released to their classrooms, and invitees were led outside for the unveiling ceremony and reception to follow.


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