Katy Families with Triplets, Twins, and More...Oh My!

KATY MAGAZINE |MARCH 2019 By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy is a great place to raise a family. Some families are larger than others but then some families experience the love and chaos of life with multiples.

The Hartt Family

Photo by Lindsey Wilkins, PhotographHER

High School Sweethearts with Two Sets of Twins

Chris and Dorota Hartt were high school sweethearts at Taylor High School. While they took a break in their relationship, when they got back together they knew they would want a family. Chris has a lot of twins on his side. so they knew this was a possibility and would even talk about the idea of twins in high school. "The expectation was always there from the very beginning," says Dorota. Little did they know they would end up with two sets of twins!

Coordination, Communication, and Chaos

Life with Mason and Hunter (5-years-old) and Eva and Archer (3-years-old) takes a lot of coordination. "It’s about communication and google calendar, lots and lots of communication. My schedule is predominantly office life with tiny bit of travel," says Dorota, who works full time for ExxonMobile. Chris works from home so he gets the kids cared for in the morning before daycare. "It takes a village," says Dorota. "Grandparents also help in evenings by taking a set or bringing food."

Celebrating Their Uniqueness

The Hartt twins are all fraternal so that makes managing their uniqueness a little easier. "Since they are all fraternal, they are inherently unique. At daycare they are all in separate classes because there’s always one that dominates over the other," explains Dorota.

The Muesse Family

Chelsea Muesse and twins Camden and Cade.

Raising Twins without Dad

Katy Magazine covered the tragic death of Jordan Muesse, age 25, on January 30, 2018. Shortly after his death, his wife and childhood sweetheart Chelsea found out she was expecting twins. Born in September 2018, twins Camden and Cade are now 5-months-old and Chelsea is raising them without their father.

Jordan Muesse died in a tragic accident at work, where he was general manager and co-owner of Premier Offroad and Performance in Katy. Jordan used his artistic ability which surfaced early in life and applied it to designing trucks/car modifications/customizations, for which he won several awards.

The Twins are Doing Great

"I'm lucky to be very close with my family. My mom retired so she could care for the boy while I worked," says Chelsea who is an ultrasound tech. Jordan's family is also involved. "The boys are such a blessing. They take after Jordan a lot," says Chelsea. "He would be very proud of them. He was the type of guy who couldn't keep a secret and would be showing them off to everyone. They are going to their first car show this weekend. Their 'car family' is very supportive especially since my Dad and brother work their," says Chelsea.

The Carlyle Family