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Katy Girls Plan the Dog Wedding of Year


October 8, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Two Katy girls and best friends hosted a wedding for their beloved dogs. The ceremony had 40 attendees and a growing social media presence.

Katy girls plan elaborate dog wedding for their beloved Goldendoodles. Photo Credit: Glenda Blackman Photography

Best Friends Plan Elaborate Dog Wedding

8-year old’s, Annabel Schomerus and Henley Seckinger are best friends and students at Katy ISD’s Pattison Elementary. They love to include their beloved Goldendoodles in their playdates.

“About a year ago the girls arranged an initial play date for Chip and Harper and the two pups hit it off instantly,” says Holly Schomerus. “When they're together they perk up then immediately run and play.”

After a year of playdates, Annabel and Henley decided it was time for their dogs Harper and Chip to settle down and make their relationship official with a wedding for the “dog” ages.

The happy couple, Harper and Chip. Photo credit: Glenda Blackman Photography

“They've talked about a wedding from that initial meeting and finally wore us down when they started online shopping for a doggie wedding dress and doggie tux about a month ago,” says Schomerus.

Meet the Bride

Henley Seckinger belongs to the bride Harper, a 1.5-year-old Goldendoodle.

“Harper is a sweet, cuddly, playful girl that constantly wants attention and loves being with anyone,” says Henley. “When Chip and Harper see each other, they get so excited. They just can’t stay away from each other.”

Henley and her dog Harper. Photo credit: Glenda Blackman Photography

Meet the Groom

Chip “The Duke of” Schomerus belongs to Annabel. He’s a 3-year-old Goldendoodle.

“Chip is a loving, furry friend,” says Annabel. “He’s not good at fetching, but he’s very affectionate.”

Annabel with her dog Chip. Photo credit: Glenda Blackman Photography

40 People in Attendance

The wedding took place last weekend and had about 40 people, many with their dogs, in attendance.

Harper was lovely in a white wedding dress and Chip was handsome in his tux. The wedding was complete with a ring bear pillow and fancy balloon arch.

The Groom, Chip enjoys a treat! Photo credit: Glenda Blackman Photography

Both girls also were their best dresses for the special occasion.

Initially the event was going to be small and modest with the just wedding party families, but then word quickly began to spread.

“We would get a call/text from people saying, ‘we want to come to the dog wedding,’” says Schomerus. “We were expecting ridicule and embarrassment from our friends, but we only heard excitement and awe.”

The wedding was photographed by Glenda Blackman of Glenda Blackman Photography, Blackman is also the mother to the flower girl escort.

See The Love in their Eyes

“You know Chip and Harper love each other because you can see it in their eyes and through how much fun they have together,” says Annabel.


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