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Katy Home Delivers Halloween Frights with Over 100 Spooky Dolls


October 15, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

'Tis the season for decorating with cobwebs and jack-o-lanterns, and at one Katy home - creepy dolls. The Haynes family welcomes spectators from near and far to their “dollhouse” that eerily displays Halloween frights inspired by a real (and spooky) Mexican place.

A Love to Thrill Their Katy Community

Brenda and Ian Haynes love Halloween and decorating to thrill their community. They embrace this spooky season by adorning the exterior of their Katy home with over 100 extremely creepy dolls.

“I wanted to do something unique, different from the traditional decorations,” says Brenda.

It’s a time of bringing out your weirdness and showing it to the world. And who doesn’t want to decorate their house however they want?”

Inspired by Mexico's 'Island of the Dolls'

The Hayneses took inspiration from Mexico’s Isla de la Munecas, which translates to the “Island of the Dolls.”

The Island of the Dolls is an island south of Mexico City. The legend says a young girl was found drowned under unusual circumstances and that the dolls are possessed by her young spirit.

This is the couple’s second year decorating with the dolls but they plan to build on it with each season.

“My first favorite is from last year,” says Brenda. “It’s too cute but at the same time creepy.  Also, the way it’s made.  Maybe wood?  The second one…well, it’s just plain creepy with those bright green eyes.”

Brenda’s love for these dolls comes from her own experience of being bullied as a child. Her bullies would scare her with dolls.

“You would think I would hate them, right?  No, as I started collecting them, they each have their own weirdness,” says Brenda.

On Friday nights after dark, the Haynes family “dollhouse” will feature spooky music. The couple will hand out goodie bags on Halloween night. Their home and all the dolls can be found in Katy at 6627 Pleasant Stream Drive.

I wish more kids went out and enjoyed it like I used to,” says Brenda, who wants to keep the spirit of Halloween alive and strong. “It has been dwindling down and I hope with all the attention we get tons of kiddos!”


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