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8 Katy Home Design Trends You'll Want to Know About


By Katrina Katsarelis

When Hurricane Harvey devastated thousands of Katy area homes last year, Katy homeowners were forced to roll up their sleeves and begin the arduous task of renovating their homes. Suddenly it seemed everyone was making quick decisions about flooring, paint, counter tops, finishes, and furniture. Local designers and realtors quickly noticed new home trends emerging as Katy went from our usual rich, traditional brown and beige color schemes into into light bright gray and white living spaces. Read about the top Home Trends in Katy this year and going forward into 2019.

1.Gray is the new beige

Katy Area Interior Designer Nathalie Lara says Katyites are loving the cool grays right now. Her clients seem especially partial to Sherwin Williams Essential Gray, Grayish and Silverstrand. “I think everyone is just tired of the dark rich colors such as chocolate and terracotta and were ready for something fresh and light.” And gray isn’t just for walls now, homeowners are also incorporating gray touches into floors, finishes, furniture, and accents. Local realtor Amy Lookabaugh agrees. Gray is neutral and it’s the new standard amongst home shoppers today.”

The benefit of gray is that it many believe it is super universal and works well with a lot of colors making a good canvas for wall paint, flooring or furniture. The drawbacks are it might actually clash with your beige-brown furniture and floors. Rebecca Fox and her family lost their Cinco Ranch home and went with a ‘greige’ over straight gray. “Because so many of the things we could salvage had warm tones, we chose a very popular “griege” to paint on our walls,” she says. “Now I am trying to decorate with furniture, bedding, rugs and finding it is harder to match than promised.”

Another drawback of gray is it can tend to appear slightly blue green or purple depending on where the light hits. Experts recommend buying a sample and testing your paint color in various shades of lighting in the home before choosing a gray to see its undertones. Some paint stores will come to your home for a paid consultation and the fee can be credited toward your paint purchase.

2. The Big Islands of Katy

Another major trend right now is incorporating a prominent island where all the family can gather. Katy homeowners are using a lot of white and high contrast accents in their kitchen designs such as dark counters with a contrasting white, gray or bold colored island. She’s seeing a lot of dark kitchen counter tops with a lighter island. Some islands are even butcher block or painted with a pop of color. “They are in gray blue or duck blue and have different hardware as well.” As a finishing touch, homeowners and designers are adding industrial or glam pendant lights to accent these gigantic masterpieces.

3. Farmhouse Inspired

HGTV Stars Chip and Joanna Gaines have been a huge inspiration on Katy homes, according to local designers and realtors. Concrete counter tops, huge farmhouse sinks, shiplap accented walls, and sliding farm doors have made their way into Katy homes. Lara believes the farmhouse trend is evolving into more of an industrial and modern look at this point. Lara will use a one or two soft touches from the farmhouse style in her clients’ homes when requested, but recommends not getting too trendy. “When it came to the specs of the house, such as flooring, architectural details, and counter tops, I try to keep that more classic, staying in the realm of what’s happening now.” Lookabaugh agrees. “You don’t have to go full-on farmhouse chic for every space in your home and I don’t suggest it. Upgrade your sink to a big farm-house sink if you want it! The entire kitchen doesn’t have to follow the same theme to match the big beautiful sink.”

3. Water and Kid-Friendly Floors

Designers are seeing a lot of practical choices in flooring in Katy nowadays. “The wood tile look is very much in, however vinyl woods are having a comeback because of their high resistance towards scratching and warping, says Lara. “They are even being selected more so than engineered and laminate wood floors because the cost is lower and the product is more durable.” Katy homeowners are getting more practical with their flooring and choosing water, kid, and wallet friendly floors. The flooring choices are much more plentiful today and even laminate flooring has a Hydro Shield option which makes them much more friendly to water. As far as colors, the gray trend is also seen on floors and weathered grays on wood laminates and wood tile as well all across the board. Homeowners still gravitate toward the dark colored wood looks as well because they create a high contrast look when used with grays and whites. These water friendly surfaces are taking over the majority including master bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Lara says a porcelain tile start around $2.89 and a luxury vinyl wood plank may start at $2.29 sf. A water resistant laminate wood plank will also start around $2.29. By contrast, solid wood flooring will range between $3.00-9.00 sf depending on the type of wood, finish and thickness. The more expensive wood look flooring may not offer the same durability or water friendly features. Realtor Amy Lookabaugh says, the number one question her clients ask is if they should change their flooring before selling. “The short answer is “it depends. Most of my clients looking for a home do not want any carpet or they are okay with it in the bedrooms only. Wood floors or wood-like tile is the most preferred flooring right now in the main living spaces.”

4. Decorative Tiles Everywhere

A very specific trend that is making quite the statement is these new black and white ceramic decorative tiles, or larger multi-color patterned decorative tile, according to Lara. “I have seen them in bathrooms especially on walls, kitchen backslashes and even patios,” says, Lara. “These tiles are inspired by antique cement or terracotta tiles from early 20th century and earlier. They were painted with colors and patterns and have been collected and brought overseas from Europe for a very long time.” Lara says they are a great way to add a unique accent or pop of color especially to powder rooms, bathrooms, or kitchens and are affordable at around $0.90 cents a piece.

5. Industrial and Modern MOVEMENT

Designers are seeing striking modern metals and industrial looking elements in Katy Area homes especially in the form of lighting. Lara says this look is bringing more iron and raw industrial material in the mix especially in the lighting. As Harvey clients came to me for help in rebuilding their beloved homes many would tell me that they wanted the farmhouse look. But seeing what is already being introduced at market and seeing that the trend is already shifting, I advised my clients and introduced them to what was to come.

6. White with Everything

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are mainly lighter, mostly whites once again, and according to Lara this is coming from the farm house inspiration. Huge in popularity right now is the shaker style cabinets. Homeowners will sometimes adding very light glazing in the edges of the design in a gray color with modern handles. Some homeowners are adding white furniture, flooring, counters, tile, or accents because it goes so nicely with the gray base color that seems to be the backdrop for everything. Stainless steel appliances are currently the mainstay in Katy kitchens.

7. Marble Quartz or Granite? Oh my!

Home designers are still seeing the use of granite, but there’s a growing trend in quartz and marble as well. Marbles such as Calcutta or Carrara are hugely popular right now with Katy homeowners. “The whole idea about marbles not being durable enough is kind of out the window,” says Lara. “People love the white or lighter counter tops for sure. They just go better with the grays!”

8. Brass is Back

Designer Nathalie Lara believes that being in the South has a great impact on what goes on in interior design in our area. “Even though the farmhouse, chalk painting, and distressing is still very much in, I’m seeing design taking a total left turn.” Lara says she is seeing a re-surging of brass and shiny finishes in lighting, chairs, tables, hardware, and accessories. “The brass we see now is not your typical yellow shiny brass from the past, it is a vintage brass. In the furniture, we are seeing cleaner and more

Start Small

If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of renovating your home, just start small, recommends Lookabaugh. “Painting the walls one solid neutral color can change the entire look of a home. Small projects such as, painting, swapping light fixtures, or changing kitchen hardware can go much further than you think!" Lara advises her clients to stick to their favorite classics that make them comfortable for the big things and go trendy on the small things they can easily change. "Things such as lighting, pillows, and lamps are always much easier to switch out for a more updated look.”


Katrina Katsarelis is the publisher of Katy Magazine. She is also an interior designer with Yellow Rose Design in Katy.

Nathalie Lara is a Katy Area Interior Designer who is a graduate of The Art Institute of Houston. She has helped numerous clients fully renovate their homes after Harvey.

Amy Lookabaugh is a realtor with Cinco Ranch Realty Group who specializes in homes in the greater Katy Area.



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