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Katy ISD 2017 - 2018 Teachers of the Year

Congrats to all of the amazing educators who were honored for their efforts during the 2017-2018 school year! This school year has brought Katy teachers many challenges with the tragedy of Harvey. Whether they had to relocate their classrooms or re-plan their curriculum our Katy teachers brought their best to our students when they needed the normalcy of education the most. Is your favorite teacher listed below?


By Natalie Clark


Left: Amanda Sandlin


Tompkins High

Right: Leslyn Jacks

Music Specialist and Director of the Choir Program

Katy Elementary



Kourtni Adams

Franz Elementary


Roymane Adams

Wilson Elementary


Sara Armstrong

Griffin Elementary


Laura Bennett

Kilpatrick Elementary


Caroline Berg

Pattison Elementary


Sandra Brown

Rhoads Elementary


Stephanie Brown

Rylander Elementary


Courtnie Byrne

Cimarron Elementary


Donna Chaney

Nottingham Elementary


Kristen Church

Mayde Creek Elementary



Gina Dockal

Randolph Elementary


Liliana Duarte

Sundown Elementary


Debbie Ellis

Bryant Elementary


Marjorie Flores

Morton Ranch Elementary


Liz Haisler

Bethke Elementary


Tiffany Hale

Creech Elementary


Andrea Hansen

Davidson Elementary


Caitlyn Hughes

Stephens Elementary


Leslyn Jacks

Katy Elementary


Sabrine Jenkins

West Memorial Elementary


Lisa Klein

Williams Elementary


Melissa LeBron

McRoberts Elementary


Dawana Lee

Hutsell Elementary


Therese LePage

Schmalz Elementary


Michael Marker

Alexander Elementary


Kathryn Mills

Wood Creek Elementary


Jean Naumann

Jenks Elementary


Callie Northey

Golbow Elementary


Aliee Reid

Stanley Elementary


Jennifer Rodriguez

Bear Creek Elementary


Pamela Roxburgh

Exley Elementary


Casey Smith

Winborn Elementary


Lora Smith

Fielder Elementary


Ruth Terry

Holland Elementary


Katherine Treadaway

King Elementary


Maria Ungaro

Memorial Parkway Elementary


Linda Vasquez

Wolfe Elementary


Monica Wascom

Shafer Elementary


Tori Waskawic

Wolman Elementary


Claudia Zubia

Hayes Elementary




District-wide Secondary Teacher of the Year


Amanda Sandlin


Tompkins High


Rosemary Anthony

Beck Junior High


Tricia Austin

Beckendorf Junior High


Sally Barnes

Mayde Creek High


Kristin E. Bell

Morton Ranch Junior High


Jay Bobo

Miller Career and Technologies Center


Rafael Brazo

Seven Lakes High


Jennifer Brunsell

Taylor High


Kimberley Carr

Katy Junior High


John Curley

Seven Lakes Junior High


Holly Datwyler

Tays Junior High


Dory Dube

Katy High


Tayla Enge

Behavioral Transition Program


Anges D. Forde

Cardiff Junior High


Kayla Grzesek

Memorial Parkway Junior High


Susan Holzknecht

Wood Creek Junior High


Aurea Jensen

Raines High


Sam Jow

McMeans Junior High


John Micah Kerber

McDonald Junior High


Heidi Sunder Kirby

Cinco Ranch High


Twaski Parker

Mayde Creek Junior High


Richard Piwonka

Morton Ranch High


Maureen Raftie

Stockdick Junior High


Lauren Rowe

Cinco Ranch Junior High


Amanda Sandlin

Tompkins High


Angelica Silguero

West Memorial Junior High


Ernest Stevenson

Opportunities Awareness Center


Josephine Wong

Paetow High


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