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Katy ISD Celebrates 2017/18 Employees of the Year


May 2, 2018

During a memorable gathering at the Leonard E. Merrell Center, Katy Independent School District Superintendent Lance Hindt, along with Board of Trustees, honored the “Of the Year” employees.

Among those recognized were: District-wide Campus Teacher of the Year, District-wide Rookie Teacher of the Year, Principals of the Year, Nurse of the Year and Counselors of the Year.

District-wide Elementary Campus Teacher of the Year

Leslyn Jacks is the Music Specialist and Director of the Choir program at Katy Elementary (KE). Since joining KE her choirs have doubled in enrollment and she has directed more than 30 performances leading to a record number of her students continuing their music courses at the junior high level. This year, her and her students performed just six weeks after Hurricane Harvey spreading joy through music and demonstrating the resilience of the Katy Community. Jacks is one of Katy Magazine's Top 100 Women of Katy in 2018.

District-wide Secondary Campus Teacher of the Year

Amanda Sandlin is a psychology teacher at Tompkins High School (OTHS). Through her lessons, Sandlin seeks to bring the content alive for her students. Her greatest goal is for them to gain skills to succeed outside the classroom. She utilizes the study of positive psychology to help her students lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. Sandlin is one of Katy Magazine's Top 100 Women of Katy in 2018.

District-wide Elementary Rookie Teacher of the Year

Annie Meeks is an English Language Arts (ELA) and social studies teacher at Stephens Elementary (USE). She may have just begun her teaching career this year but she has made an impression with her tenacity and ability to build relationships. She believes that in a world full of technology and distractions, it is important to find ways to better maintain students’ focus. Meeks is one of Katy Magazine's Top 100 Women of Katy in 2018.

District-wide Secondary Rookie Teacher of the Year

Rebecca Calfee from Mayde Creek Junior High (MCJH) began her career this year as an eighth grade social studies teacher. Calfee is a product of Katy ISD and she sets her students up for success through detailed lesson planning. Her preparation and skillset set her apart from others as she gives the impression of a seasonal veteran, rather than a first-year teacher. She spends her extra time tutoring her students and makes a point of attending student activities outside of her classroom to show support.

District-wide Nurse of the Year

Kim Cromie, from Bonnie Holland Elementary (BHE), moved from California to Maryland and was involved in a Head Start program as the Health and Safety Administrator. This opportunity ignited her love of working with children and families. That is when she went into nursing school. When she and her husband moved to Katy she was given the opportunity to be the campus nurse at BHE. She knew she had finally found her calling. Besides keeping students healthy, Nurse Cromie also mentors other nurses in Katy ISD.

District-wide Elementary Counselor of the Year

Susan Coventon has spent the last 21 years in education at Katy ISD. Even though she started out as a teacher, she realized her calling was in counseling. She is currently the school counselor at Nottingham Country Elementary (NCE) where she dedicates her time to guide students in their journey toward healing and success. Coventon’s experience is widespread and includes training of trainers in crisis prevention & preparedness as well as mental health. You will find her volunteering at Bo’s Place, offering grief-counseling support for children and their families.

District-wide Junior High Counselor of the Year

Jodi Darcey has been a counselor at Katy ISD for six years and a district lead counselor for the past three. She is currently at WoodCreek Junior High where she uses her skills, coupled with the desire to help others to connect with students and staff. Through guidance, character building, individual and group counseling coupled with parent education and counselor collaboration, Darcey knows everyone can succeed.

District-wide High School Counselor of the Year

Glynn Guynes from Katy High School began his career in Katy ISD in 2007 as a counselor at Katy High School (KHS). In 2012, Guynes started serving in the roll of KHS Lead Counselor and as District Lead Counselor. That year he was also named the KHS Support Staff Member of the Year. He serves as a mentor to new counselors and coordinates the new counselor orientation.

District-wide Elementary Principal of the Year

Stephens Elementary Principal Stephanie Vaughan has demonstrated great leadership not just at her current campus but also at Sundown Elementary and Franz Elementary where she previously excelled in her passion for education. In March 2007, Vaughan opened the newly named Ursula Stephen Elementary (USE) as their principal and she has been there for the past 11 years. Her commitment to educational excellence and student achievement can be seen in the numerous recognitions the campus has received.

District-wide Secondary Principal of the Year

Mindy Dickerson currently serves as the principal of Patricia E. Paetow High School. Her passion is teaching the whole child. She believes very strongly in both adult and student learning through choice, as well as basing decisions on what is best for learners. Her career in Katy ISD began as an elementary school teacher. During her tenure as principal at Beckendorff Junior High (BDJH), the campus received the Texas and National Schools to Watch distinction for teaching the whole child and providing a great learning experience tailored to middle school students. Dickerson is one of Katy Magazine's Top 100 Women of Katy in 2018. Read about her here.

Congratulations to all Katy ISD “Of the Year” employees!


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