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Katy ISD Graduation, Prom Dates Revised


April 23, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy ISD continues to closely monitor the coronavirus pandemic. While in-person classes will not return this school year, graduating seniors will get momentous rites of passage such as graduation and prom. The dates have been moved and backup dates have been set in case social distancing continues longer than currently projected.

Emily Olivo, Katy High School Class of '20.

Senior Year Turned Upside Down

The senior class of 2020 has had their graduation year turned upside down. While in-person classes will not resume this school year, seniors will get to walk at the Merrell Center for their commencement ceremonies.

The June dates have been adjusted again as the District continues to follow the pandemic and official guidelines. Backup dates for July have also been set.

Katy ISD Graduation Schedule

June 20 (Backup- July 11)

Mayde Creek High School- 9am

Cinco Ranch High School- 2pm

Seven Lakes High School- 7pm

June 21 (Backup- July 12)

Morton Ranch High School-2pm

Tompkins High School- 7pm

June 23 (Backup July 14)

Paetow High School- 7pm

June 24 (Backup July 15)

Katy High School- 7pm

June 25 (Backup July 16)

Taylor High School- 7pm

June 26 (Backup July 17)

SYA- 10am

Raines High School- 2pm

Katy Seniors Awaits End-Of-School-Year

Emily Olivo, a senior at Katy High School, optimistically awaits the end-of-the-school-year traditions.

“I am holding out hope for this graduation ceremony because this is really the last strand of normalcy for senior year,” says Emily Olivo. “I’m ready to see everyone I’ve seen for the last four years graduate, chase their dreams and become adults.”

Emily’s mother Lily Olivo says it’s important for the Class of 2020 to have a graduation ceremony and prom, “Because they deserve it more than ever!”

“I have enjoyed having my Emily all to myself, knowing she is OK in the comfort of our home brings so much peace to my heart,” says Lily Olivo. “She will be leaving for college to reach her dream and I won’t physically be there so I’m cherishing this time with her.” 

In addition to monitoring the virus and ensuring that students will experience graduation, Katy ISD has rescheduled Senior Prom.

Katy ISD Prom Schedule:

Mayde Creek High School – Wednesday, June 10

Cinco Ranch High School – Thursday, June 11

Seven Lakes High School – Friday, June 12

Morton Ranch High School – Saturday, June 13

Tompkins High School – Monday, June 15

Paetow High School – Tuesday, June 16

Katy High School – Wednesday, June 17

Taylor High School – Thursday, June 18

As of now no backup prom dates have been scheduled. All proms will be held at the Merrell Center from 8p.m. - 11p.m.

Even though Katy ISD proms won’t be held in ballrooms at fancy venues this year, many seniors admit they’re excited to see their friends again, it doesn’t matter when or where.

“After the amazing homecoming dance they put on at the Merrell Center, I’m very happy about the venue,” says Mandy Romero a senior at Katy High School. 

Until then, Romero says, “My friends and I have been using Zoom and FaceTime to get together.”

“My friends and I are all planning on attending prom because this is something we’ve been looking forward to since we were kids,” says Emily Olivo. “Everybody dreams of their senior year prom and with everything going on, this celebration is exactly what we need.” 

Katy ISD will continue to monitor the situation and adjust dates as needed. Please follow Katy ISD’s website and Facebook page for updates.


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