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Katy ISD Has Highest Student Gain in Houston Area; New School Construction Underway


November 16, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy ISD continues to grow with student population. During the November Board meeting, Population and Survey Analytics presented annual demographic numbers showing a 14.6 percent increase in student enrollment since 2016. The District is currently building 4 more new schools to meet the growth.

Katy ISD shares pictures of new schools being built. Photo credit: KISD

Katy ISD has Greatest Student Gain in Houston Area

Compared to 15 school districts in the Greater Houston area, Katy ISD tops the list of the largest student gains by 12,940 since 2016. According to the Population and Survey Analytics (PASA) presented at the November Board meeting that is a 14.6 percent increase in student enrollment in the past five years.

“Over the next 10 years, PASA projects 27,681 single-family units for Katy ISD, which is approximately 60 percent of new housing projections for the District,” says Kris Pool, a demographer with PASA. “These occupancies are predominately in the northwest quadrant of the district where master-planned communities are projected for development through 2023.”

A chart of projected growth was shared at the meeting Monday night.

This figure is in addition to the over 17,000 multi-family occupancies are projected through 2032. This includes large Katy master-planned communities like Elyson, Katy Lakes, Sunterra, and more.

New Schools are Being Built

To address the rapid growth taking place in the northwest quadrant of Katy ISD, demographers recommend additional elementary, junior high, and high schools in that area of the District.

Construction is underway for an elementary school located at 25600 Longenbaugh Road. Ground has also broken neighboring that school for a new junior high and high school.

Elementary #45, which is now accepting namesake recommendations, will open next fall. The junior high and high school will follow Fall of 2024.

Katy ISD is also actively building elementary school #46 at 25615 Clay Road near the District’s newest junior high, Haskett Junior High. This school will relieve neighboring schools of crowding around King Crossing, Camillo Lakes, and more neighborhoods along Katy Hockley Road and Clay Road. Namesake recommendations are also now open for this school.

Currently, Katy ISD has more than 92,500 students enrolled and is expected to serve 107,357 by 2032.

Planning a Transportation and Maintenance Facility

The District is also making plans to grow in more than just schools. As more schools are built in the northwest quadrant the District will need a new transportation and maintenance facility. The site west of elementary #45 and north of high school #10 and junior high #18 is under consideration for this facility. Katy ISD’s website has its completion projected as December 2025 but this is still very much in the planning process.

Follow the status of upcoming Katy ISD projects at their website.


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