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Katy ISD Named AP District of the Year by the College Board


April 25, 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

The College Board announced Katy ISD as the AP Large District of the Year this morning in a special presentation at Morton Ranch High School. The district is being recognized for leading the country in expanding access to Advanced Placement Program (AP) courses and improving students’ performance on those exams.

An Honor For Katy

“To be recognized at the national level is such an honor for Katy ISD,” said Superintendent Ken Gregorski. “This recognition speaks to the District’s educational excellence, the hard work taking place in our classrooms, and the commitment of each and every one of our staff members to create a bright future for our students,” added Gregorski.

AP Testing Grows in Katy

From 2017 to 2018, the number of AP exams administered in Katy ISD increased by 20 percent and the number of students participating in AP exams increased by 25 percent. In Katy ISD, 77.4 percent of the 2018 AP exams were scored at a three or better, validating the hard work of both students and teachers. A three on an AP test is accepted as college credit at most public universities.

Veronica Miko graduated from Katy High School last year with 27 credits based on scoring higher than a three on seven different AP exams.

"Earning credits through the AP exams gave me the ability to skip my general education classes and move straight into the ones for my major and minor," Miko said. "I was able to save time and money through those exams."

District Honored at Special Presentation

Katy ISD students, teachers, district and school administrators as well as College Board leadership were in attendance this morning at the presentation at Morton Ranch High School. Congratulations on a job well done.


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