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Katy ISD’s Partners in Education Launches Annual Campaign to Help Feed Local Families


November 6, 2023

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy ISD’s Partners in Education invites the community to bring hope to students and families in need this holiday season through the Food for Families program. Since its inception 16 years ago, the program has raised over $481,700.

Photo credit: Katy ISD Partners in Education

Food for Families, a Katy ISD Partners in Education yearly initiative, unites the Katy ISD staff and community in holiday support for select students and their families. Last year, Food for Families raised and distributed $57,000.

Katy ISD identifies the students who will benefit from the Food for Families program. This year, their goal is set to reach over $25,000. Since its inception in 2002, Food for Families has raised over $481,700 and assisted more than 9,170 Katy ISD families.

Support from Community

The Partners in Education team collects donations from the community and corporations and converts them into grocery store gift cards. Then a campus staff member delivers the gift to the student along with a note of support from the Katy ISD community.

Donations Information

Contributions of any amount are welcome and appreciated. Anyone interested in helping these Katy ISD families experience a happier holiday season should donate by Friday, December 7.

Donations can be made online, or via check, remitted to “Katy ISD Food for Families” and mailed to Partners in Education, Katy ISD ESC, 6301 South Stadium Lane, Katy 77494.

To learn more about Food for Families, visit Katy ISD's website, and select Partners in Education under the “Community” tab.

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