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Katy ISD Teachers Get Pay Increase, Attendance Boundary Modification Discussed at Board Meeting


June 29, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy ISD Board of Trustees approved a pay increase for teachers to start next month as well as a one-time lump payment to come in December. The Board wants to recognize its Katy teachers for their dedication through a pandemic, winter freeze, and year of challenges. Attendance Boundary Modifications for the new elementary was also discussed in last night’s meeting.

Elementary #44 will open in Cane Island Fall 2022. Photo credit: KISD

Katy ISD Teachers Get Pay Increase

Katy ISD teachers will receive a 2% pay increase starting the beginning of July. The Board of Trustees approved the raise at their meeting last night.

One-Time Lump Payment Coming in December

The board also approved a one-time 1% lump payment that will be distributed in December. These approvals are a way of the Board showing their appreciation to the Katy teachers for their dedication through the COVID-19 pandemic, last February’s winter storm, and an overall challenging academic year.

Pay increases are calculated based on an employee's midpoint rates of pay found on the Katy ISD Human Resources webpage. Regular part-time employees will also benefit from the increase approved last night.

Last week, Cy Fair ISD announced a 5% pay increase for their teachers.

Attendance Boundary Modification for Bryant Elementary, Elementary #44

Also, at last night’s Board of Trustee meeting, Chief Operations Officer Ted Vierling, along with Population and Survey Analysts (PASA) presented a proposed attendance boundary modification (ABM) for Bryant Elementary. This will address rapid growth to the surrounding neighborhoods and transition students who live primarily in Cane Island to the new Elementary #44.

2022-23 Proposed Attendance Boundary Modification

(With Elementary #44)

Elementary #44 in Cane Island Opens Fall 2022

Elementary #44, set to open Fall of 2022, will be in the Cane Island master-planned community.

The feedback of parents impacted by the Bryant Elementary ABM proposal will be solicited starting today and through October 8, via an ABM survey.

2022-23 Proposed Attendance Boundary Modification

(For Paetow High and Morton Ranch High)

A minor ABM was also proposed for Paetow High School (PHS) that would provide the campus enrollment relief, and increase the student population at Morton Ranch High School. This will only impact a small amount of Katy students who will be enrolled as 8th graders during the 2021-22 school year and currently zoned to Paetow high School. This change is set to take place in the Fall 2022.

Northwest Quadrant Expects Major Growth

“Within the next two to three years, the northwest quadrant of Katy ISD will begin to see an increased growth that includes community developments,” said Ted Vierling, Chief Operations Officer at Katy ISD. “These minor ABM adjustments will ensure efficiency as it relates to campus usage and will balance high school enrollment prior to the opening of High School #10 in 2024,” says Vierling.

A final ABM recommendation for both proposed ABMs will be presented at the October 2021 Regular Board Meeting. For more information visit the Katy ISD ABM website.

1 Comment

Jun 30, 2021

Katy isd once again proves they have no value for their teachers!

Fort Bend 6% Cy Fair and Alief 5% Katy 2%

and what makes this even worse is Katy is already way behind these districts in teacher pay! The leaders of Katy need to stand up for their teacher!!

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