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Katy Kids Spread Motivational Notes Around Katy in Acts of Kindness


June 14, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

Summertime is for fun but also a great time to participate in acts of kindness. Three Katy children are writing motivational notes and sticking them around town to spread kindness this summer.

Luke, Olivia, and Luka are writing motivational notes to spread around Katy this summer. Photo credit: Erica Comeaux.

Spreading Positivity and Kindness

“I want to keep them busy but teach them to spread positivity and kindness as right now the world can be a scary place,” says Erica Comeaux, 25 years old. Comeaux is working this summer as a nanny for the family.

Olivia J. (10-years-old,) and Luke J. (7-years-old) both attend Fielder Elementary. They have written over 50 motivational sticky notes with the help of Comeaux's 10-month-old son Luka.

“I want them to share love in case someone was having a bad day,” says Comeaux. “A small gesture can lead to a major impact in someone’s day.”

One of their motivational notes.

Messages on the Notes Include:

“You’re strong, You’re awesome, You’re kind, YOU MATTER.” “Sometimes you forget you’re awesome so this is your reminder” “It’s a bad day not a bad life, stay strong” “Believe in yourself & anything is possible” “Big Journeys begin with small steps” Luka contributed drawings.

They have put the sticky notes around Cinco Ranch Northlake Village, Westgreen Park and LaCenterra.

When not writing motivational notes to spread kindness around Katy, they are in various sports camps, volleyball, and Taekwondo. They love going to the pool, mason skating rink, bowling, making crafts and tie dying towels.

Are You Spreading Acts of Kindness?

Olivia, Luke, and Luka were all born in Katy. Erica has lived here for 14 years.

What acts of kindness are you doing this summer? Send us an email to and let us know!


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