Katy Law Enforcement Cracking Down on Speeding in School Zones


March 26, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Pedestrian and bicycle safety remains a priority for local law enforcement, and potential dangers include area school zones and the safety of thousands of children. This morning, a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle and killed on the Katy freeway feeder road at Fry Road - another reminder of the dangers for everyone on the road.

Deputies to Crack Down on School Zone Speeding

The safety of local students remains a priority for Katy law enforcement. Starting this week, Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office deputies will issue citations to anyone driving 5 mph or more over the speed limit in an active, labeled school zone driving area.

“Please let your deputies know that the Sheriff has received several compliments from citizens on our school zone enforcement,” states the email sent out to the department.

Drivers should always be aware and careful of students even when outside of the school zone. In January, a Katy ISD student was struck by a vehicle on his bike when riding to Beckendorff Junior High.

While not in an active school zone at the time of the accident, the event is a good lesson for both drivers and students to always remain aware.

“Unfortunately, most crashes involving kids on bicycles or as pedestrians are caused by kids who ride or step out when they shouldn’t have,” says Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Constable Chad Norvell.

Norvell’s son was hit by a car when he was five years old.

“It was his fault,” Constable Norvell recalls. “Parents must stress to kids that they should never trust a driver has seen them and will stop. Don’t begin to cross until the car has stopped and be sure to check the next lane over.”

Often times, when a car stops, the vehicles in the next lane cannot see the bike rider or walker in the crosswalk.

Katy ISD Educates Students

Katy ISD educates students on bike safety to increase their awareness to prevent accidents near and away from school. Corporal Frederick Evans with the Katy ISD Police Department gives presentations to elementary and junior high schools students on bike safety:

Rules Explained During Bike Safety Presentation:

· Obey signs and signals

· Always look over your shoulder for oncoming traffic before swerving or turning left.

· Stay close to the side of the road.

· Follow the same direction of the traffic.

· Use hand/arm signals to let drivers know what you are doing.

· Always yield the right-of-way

Graphic used in Corporal Evans' school presentation.