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Katy Magazine's Kid Cover Contest Winner 2019

Congratulations to the adorable Jayden Skelton of Katy, Texas for being chosen as the Cover Star and winner of Katy Magazine's Cuties Cover Contest!


By Ariana Pezeshki

Congratulations, Jayden!

Our adorable cover winner, Jayden is a two year old ball of energy! He is the son of Astrid and James Skelton Jr. This cutie is the baby of his family, he has a fourteen year old brother named James and an eleven year old sister named Ashlei.

Jayden's mom says, "He loves to be the center of attention. He loves to put on dance shows for the family with his sister, Ashlei!" Jayden enjoys playing with cars, trucks, and planes. He also loves playing basketball with his big brother. When he’s not running around, he watches his favorite show, Puppy Dog Pals. Our cover winner also loves to make friends, and play with other kids.

Congratulations Jayden! He received $100 for being our 2019 Cover Star!



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