Katy Magazine's Halloween Costume Photo Contest Winners!


    October 31, 2017

    Congratulations to our four winners and 10 honorable mentions listed below!

    If you are one of our top four winners, you have won $25 or $15 ($25 Best Overall and $15 for the other three categories.) Message or email editor@katymagazine.com.


    BEST OVERALL WINNER - Camdyn Jenkins

    CUTEST WINNER- Pearl Elizabeth and Zach

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    MOST CREATIVE WINNER - Giacomo Dongo

    SCARIEST WINNER - Star Lord and Incredible Hulk


    Honorable Mention: Krista in a league of her own

    Honorable Mention: Matthew Johnson as fire breathing dragon

    Honorable Mention: Kylie as Mal from Decendents 2

    Honorable Mention: Cole as the Crash Test Dummy and horse

    Honorable mention: Pebbles and Bam Bams. Twins, Liam and Landon and their best friends, twins Alexa and Natalia

    Honorable mention: Nora and Oliver as Beauty and the Beast

    Honorable Mention: Cora Harp as Harley Quinn

    Honorable Mention: Valentina as Cleopatra

    Honorable Mention: Elizabeth and Zachary as Wizard of Oz Kids

    Honorable Mention: Captain Underpants

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