Katy Mayor Hastings Talks Pandemic Challenges, City Continues to Grow Despite COVID Delays


May 25, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

City of Katy Mayor Bill Hastings couldn't have envisioned leading the city through a global pandemic when he took office after being Chief of Police for 10 years, 32 years with the department. Still he's delivering Katy through this challenging time and out through a developmental boom. Katy continues to grow despite COVID delays. See what new projects are on the horizon and what challenges Mayor Hastings faced throughout the pandemic.

Artist rendering of Katy Boardwalk District. Photo courtesy Kaplin Public Relations.

Mayor Hastings Biggest Challenges

“Our biggest challenge was to be sure that we continued to provide excellent services to the City of Katy residents and businesses,” says Katy Mayor Bill Hastings. “We also wanted to preserve and maintain jobs for all City of Katy employees with no healthcare interruptions and no changes in retirement funding.”

The COVID-19 pandemic brought hardships to the nation and Katy was not spared. Hastings says that they made budget cuts, did not hire new employees, cut new capital projects, and implemented essential spending only in order to preserve funds. This was done in hopes of returning to a Pre-COVID budget.

Katy Mayor William "Bill" Hastings

“We were pleased to learn that our revenue shortfalls would not be as low as originally projected,” says Mayor Hastings.

Delayed Projects Still On Track

Despite the hardships of the pandemic Katy is still growing and while many initial projects have been delayed, they are still very much on tract to coming to Katy.

“New development means new jobs, new businesses, new homes, new schools, and new revenue, all of which contribute to a thriving community,” says Mayor Hastings. “The Boardwalk District is under construction and will provide numerous services to our citizens.”

The Katy Boardwalk District Projected for 2023