Katy Moms of Infants Adjust to Life During Pandemic


May 8, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

This year, Mother’s Day will look very different. With masks and social distancing, Katy, like the rest of the world, feels the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. However, life still goes on, and local moms must navigate this altered normal with new babies.

Haley Callarman loves on her newborn, Heather during this uncertain time.

Prayers Answered, Plans Changed

Tamara and Patrick Heredia had prayed for a baby and were thrilled last year to learn that they were expecting not one, but three babies! Their road to parenthood hasn’t been easy as they lost one of the triplets, Robyn, on October 20. Then last December 18, Marcel and Audrey were born.

“The plan was to be able to go to swim class, parks, Gymboree and be social but then that stopped with this pandemic,” says Tamara.

The Heredia family still has not put their daughter Robyn to rest.

“We wanted all of our babies to be part of her service,” explains Tamara. “Marcel and Audrey were in me with her and I wanted them to be with us when she was put to rest. We wanted to wait until they had those two-month vaccines before getting them around crowds so we put the ceremony off. Now we can’t have it safely with the coronavirus.”

Audrey and Marcel Heredia with their Angel Robyn. Photo credit: Mornings With Em.

“They also haven’t been able to meet extended family,” says Tamara.

The Carroll family previously delivered their son Grant stillborn, so expecting their daughter had come with much excitement and fear. Then the coronavirus came and limited loved ones who could meet her.

April Carroll delivered Eleanor on March 17.

Ellie Carroll. Photo credit: Melissa Brewer/Snapped With Love Photography

“We decided that our kids, my mom, my teenage sister and my friend/our photographer would be allowed in the room for the birth,” says April. The Carrolls have Bryant (14,) and Lincoln (8.)

All of their plans changed due to the pandemic. Only April’s husband Frank was allowed in the room during the delivery.

"Even though our birth experience was very different than I planned or expected, it did allow for a very peaceful environment, where I could put 100% of my focus on birthing," says Carroll.

Not being able to introduce Ellie to family and friends has been torture for the Carroll family.

“I think after you lose a baby, everyone looks forward to your “Rainbow” even more,” says Carroll. “The people who live in my house aren’t the only ones who love Ellie. There are so many people who have been looking forward to her arrival and want so badly to hold her and kiss her.”

Some Things are Easier

Some families with new babies are finding this new normal easier than expected.

“In some ways it is easier,” says Haley Callarman who had a little girl, Heather, on April 24.  “Since we aren't going anywhere, we don't have to worry about having the baby out in public, or her having to be a tag-along to everyone else's activities.” The Callarmans have three boys; Keith (6), Landon (3), and Blake (2).

With so many working from home, some husbands are able to help more with caring for new babies. Older children who would have been in school are also able to enjoy these early moments with their growing families.

“It is always a challenge recovering from delivery and caring for a newborn at the same time,” explains Callarman. “It has been a blessing having my husband around, especially since he was already working from home due to social distancing restrictions.”

“I would say it’s easier, for the most part, because my other kids are old enough to help and they are pretty self-sufficient,” says Carroll. “We’ve absolutely loved being blessed by spending her first few months of life all together every day!”

Having a new baby around doesn’t mean routines stop for older children even when that routine looks different.

“I was going to let the older kids miss a few days of school when Ellie got home from the hospital,” says Carroll. “They were already home, so that worked out well.”

Just imagine, even for a second, being quarantined with four children under six years of age. However, not having to help young children with virtual school can ease some significant stress.

“Since two of my kids aren't in school yet,” says Callarman. “We haven't had to worry too much about homeschooling.  And since we are all at home, our schedule hasn't been as crazy.  So far, the baby has slipped right into our lives without too much disruption.”

The Callarman children: Keith, Landon, Blake, and Heather.

“The school schedule is the hardest part. My oldest is in junior high so I don’t have to help him much,” says Carroll. “But my middle child is in 2nd grade and he’s dyslexic, so he requires a lot of help. When the baby is cooperating, I can sit and help as much as he needs, but some days she is so needy and it’s hard to give him the attention he requires for some assignments.”

“My husband is home too, and he is amazing,” says Carroll. “He takes the baby if I want to sleep longer than she does, and he has done all the grocery shopping and most of the cooking. He keeps her when I take a shower and if he’s busy, big brothers are very helpful too.”

Finding Ways for Self-Care

Carroll says her husband’s support keeps the stress under control in their home.

“If Frank can see that I’m overwhelmed, he’ll suggest a family walk after dinner- getting outside almost always helps everyone’s mood,” says Carroll. “Ellie is a really laid-back baby most of the time, so I’m still able to do what I would typically like to do for myself, it’s just that sometimes I’m wearing her in a sling while I do it.”

Patrick Heredia works in construction so he has not been able to work from home like so many.

“I’ve found ways to help the community while giving myself a release,” says Tamara Heredia.

As a seamstress, she has made countless masks for people while continuing to adjust to life as a new mom to twins.

Finding Time for Herself

“I get to have a Thursday night bubble bath complete with a glass of wine and Netflix,” says Tamara Heredia. “Patrick takes care of the babies then and it’s everything!”

Tamara is also finding virtual ways to stay connected.

“Every other Friday I play Dungeons and Dragons with a group of ladies,” says Tamara Heredia. “Yes, we meet virtually but it’s a time to interact with adults and enjoy something I love, that I look forward to.”

Tackling Pandemic Hurdles

Living through a global pandemic with a newborn certa