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Katy Neighbors Turn Pandemic into New Street Traditions


November 2, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

While the COVID-19 pandemic has seen many hardships, it has brought communities and neighborhoods together. A neighborhood in Cinco Ranch has created community through hardship.

Photo courtesy: Dwayne Shaw

“A week after the pandemic started, I passed out flyers to everyone on the cul-de-sac and told them to come out the end of their driveway and make a toast,” says Dwayne Shaw of Katy.

The Shaw family had lived in Katy for 6 years and were eager to find a positive to this pandemic. For over 30 weeks they held community events to bring their neighborhood together.

“Gradually we got closer and got to know each other,” says Shaw. “It’s a very international cul-de-sac. My families from England, Sierra Leone, Alaska, Venezuela, Canada, Bangladesh and more.”

Photo courtesy: Dwayne Shaw

Dwayne Shaw is married to Leslie Shaw and they have a 25-year-old daughter at A&M finishing up her nursing degree.

This Cinco Ranch community has children from toddlers to teenagers who have all benefitted from the community outreach.

Photo courtesy: Dwayne Shaw

For the Fourth of July they held an international Food Festival. Their cul-de-sac is very International with families from England, Sierra Leone, Alaska, Venezuela, Canada, Bangladesh and more.

Photo courtesy: Dwayne Shaw

“We’ve had all sorts of things,” says Shaw. “We’ve had music played by neighbors, singing, stand-up comedy, birthday parties, gender reveals, and shed tears when friends were moving.”

This Halloween they held a BBQ cookoff while managing trick-or-treating for neighborhood kids.

“I would guess since March 2020 we’ve had 50 to 60 ‘Get to Know Your Neighbor’ gatherings,” says Shaw. “This does not include men bourbon night. Probably 30 of those!”

“All in all, this was the best thing to come out of the pandemic,” says Shaw. “We’ve got to know each other.”

This community has drawn together outside of the pandemic but when they needed it most during the freeze.

“We checked on each other, and generators, helped each other with plumbing, and started fireplaces for each other,” says Shaw.”

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