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Katy Resident and Pastor in Jail for Indecent Assault of a Young Woman


May 25, 2024

By Natalie Cook Clark


A Katy resident has been sentenced to jail and a $4,000 fine after being charged and found guilty of indecent assault. This Fort Bend County case sets a new precedent as previously these cases were classified as a Class C offense.

Katy Resident Sentenced to Jail

Katy resident and a local pastor Gregorio Maldonado (46 at the time of the crime) has been found guilty of Indecent Assault of a young woman. This case is setting new precedent for those who abuse power and take advantage of their victims.


Maldonado is a former pastor for a church in Stafford, Texas, though he and his family live in Katy. The victim is a young woman who was a member of his congregation and also lived with his family. She says that he touched her inappropriately and she was subjected to unwanted advances while she slept.


While the incident occurred in 2021, the victim spoke out and confided in her father in 2022 which led to legal proceedings.


The lead prosecutor Michelle Anderson stressed in the court the abuse of trust that Maldonado used to abuse his victim and praised her for coming forward.


Authorities emphasize the importance of this case. Before 2019, such cases were considered Class C misdemeanors. Now under a new penal code, such an offense is considered at Class A misdemeanor and can result in jail time.


Gregorio Maldonado was sentenced to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine for his crime.


As always, report abuse to local authorities. This case shows how the law is taking further action to penalize those who take advance of those who should trust them.


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