Katy Residents Share Spooky and Unexplained Encounters


October 31, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

On this All Hallows Eve, will you share spooky stories about Katy's past or jump at a sound you can’t place?

Photo credit: Laurie St. Cyr

Katy has a rich history and with it, legends and tales passed down through the generations. From haunted homes, unexplained events at a local high school, or UFO sightings, Katy has it all to make for a fun Halloween season.

Haunted Homes in Katy

Nothing says spooky like a good haunted house tale - and Katy has some.

Ghosts in Katy

“Do you see her?” asks Carmen Feuer who took this picture at 2:30 a.m. one morning on her Katy property. “I believe it to be a woman and not very nice looking if you zoom in on her face.”

Photo credit: Carmen Feuer

Paranormal investigator Paul "Elvis" Amos, of Cryptozoological Paranormal Investigations, claims to have identified several haunted houses in Katy. Many houses in Old Katy have noted unexplained happenings, but even residents in newer (compared to Katy's age) developments have reported unusual experiences too.

"We try to debunk everything. We normally can, and most of the time it's a hot water heater or AC unit, etc.," explains Paul "Elvis" Amos. "Most of the popular Katy locations we went to we found nothing. The best paranormal Katy experiences we've had were in private residential homes, which we obviously can't say who or where they are."

A Cinco Ranch Haunting

"We did have an experience at a home in Cinco Ranch where a young couple was experiencing a menacing poltergeist,” says Amos. “They had objects moving around the house and sightings of a shadow figure. I was in the attic with the husband and we both saw a dark shadow figure. That stuff sticks with you."