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Katy’s Jordan High School Looks to Add to First Year Success


September 3, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy ISD’s newest high school continues to thrive despite having opened its doors last year during a pandemic. This year, Jordan High School plans to add to their success and strengthen their community. Tonight, they have their first varsity football game at home.

Photo courtesy: Shelli Hoff

Katy ISD’s 9th high school, Jordan High School opened its doors last school year when in-person learning was optional, and the pandemic dominated most discussions. However, it did not stop the school, named after a legendary founding family and educators, from setting high standards and delivering a year of incredible accomplishments.

Opening During a Pandemic

“It was definitely an interesting year to open a high school,” says Jordan High School Principal Ethan Crowell.

Jordan High School opened with only 9th and 10th grade classes yet they still opened bigger than Katy ISD’s Tompkins and Paetow High Schools did their opening years. By the end of the year the school had 82% of their students in-person.

Successful First Year in All Areas

Even with 9th and 10th graders the school accomplished much success in athletics, fine arts, and academics.

Photo courtesy: KISD

“Athletics really took off last year,” says Crowell. “We played varsity sports except in football. We did have a varsity swimmer go to State and the girls’ soccer team were undefeated 21-0.”

The Jordan High School band came in 3rd place in the area with only freshman and sophomores.

“Had it been a normal year they would have gone to State,” says Crowell.

On the academic front, the school’s Science Olympiad placed 7th in State.

“The things that happened last year were incredible,” says Crowell.

First Varsity Football Home Game Tonight

Last week the fighting Warriors played their first varsity football game. They played No. 5 Waco La Vega and lost 51-21. Tonight, September 3 they will play their first home game at Rhodes Stadium against Dunbar High School at 7:00 p.m.

“We’re really excited to get kids to come to games and wear their black and gold,” says Crowell.

“The players look forward to playing established varsity teams,” says head football coach Mike Rabe. “The challenges that the usual state contenders such as La Vega, Columbus, and Calhoun present provide our kids with the competition they desire.”

This year Katy ISD is selling athletic and fine arts tickets online.

“The players get excited about a team preparing a game plan to beat them and seeing who can go implement that game plan in high pressure situations to win a football game,” says Coach Rabe.

See the full Katy ISD Varsity Football Schedule here.

In addition to their first varsity football games, the Jordan High School theater department will also have their first musical this year. They will perform “Spamalot” and hope it will be a show that the students, staff, and community will come out to enjoy.

Photo courtesy: KISD

An Intentional Namesake

Like many Katy ISD campuses, the District was intentional about the naming process.

Henry Elmer "Hank" Jordan and his wife Olga moved to Katy in 1913. The farming family and their children; Chester, Leonard, Melvin and Blanche went on to make great contributions to both the Katy ISD and Katy-area communities over the past century.

I’ve come across people in the community that have gone to school with a Jordan,” says Crowell.

At Jordan High School’s dedication last year 65 Jordans and 5 generations were present.

“We’ve developed a concept of what it means to be a Jordan based on the family’s history,” says Crowell. “Community, commitment, reliance was all developed key characteristics we hoped for our school before COVID and we’ve gotten to put them all to the test through this pandemic. “

Learn more about the Jordan Family here.

From Potential to Reality

Jordan High School focuses on their vision to move every learner from potential to reality.

“This vision includes the adults in the school, because we’re always learning,” says Crowell.

Many Warriors, One Community are the words seen written throughout school and it’s a concept Crowell wants the students and staff to believe in.

“We want to encourage students to support each other,” says Crowell. “When you get big it’s easy to forget all the other things going on.”

The Katy community can look forward to more success from Katy ISD’s newest high school this year and all the years to come.


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