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Katy Sports Club Employee Arrested Over Indecency with a Child


May 14, 2024

By Natalie Cook Clark

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office arrested an employee at VillaSport Cinco Ranch, a popular sports club, for indecency with a child. The suspect has since then bonded out.

Employee Expressed Concern

VillaSport Cinco Ranch (9900 block of Gaston Rd.) is a popular sports club in Katy, TX. Recently they emailed communication with their clients informing them that on March 21 of this year, a staff member expressed concern over possible employee misconduct with a toddler that was in their care.

According to the communication, VillaSport looked into the matter by reviewing footage and interviewing employees. After their private investigation, they determined that no misconduct had occurred.

Sheriff's Office Arrested Suspect

On April 13, 2024 the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of the same complaint over an employee at VillaSport Cinco Ranch.

After looking into the incident, FBCSO obtained an arrest warrant for Indecency with a Child for the suspect, Joseph Brvenik, 17. A bond was set for $75,000.

Brvenik was arrested on April 29, 2024 and has bonded out.

Katy Families Express Concern

Katy families took to social media after the news broke to express their concern. Kristin Meijer canceled her family's membership at the gym. They have been members for four years and pulled out this week over the concerns. She was also not pleased with the email that went out to clients over the weekend.

Families did offer praise for the employee who continued to speak up on the matter until this got the attention it needed. People also offered concerns over how the whistleblower was treated as compared to the accused.

Investigation Still Ongoing

This is still under investigation by FBCSO and at the time of this publishing, there are no additional details.

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