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Katy's Favorite Christmas Traditions

Katy families share their most cherished family traditions. Read on to find out what makes Christmas special for your friends and neighbors.

The Lanza family of Katy. Photo by Fitzsimmons Photography

KATY MAGAZINE | December 2017

Compiled by Ashley Lancaster

Christmas Trains We have trains!!! We put out a train platform and village every year since we received our train set the first year we got married. It's a family tradition for 13 years that was passed down from my husbands family. For Anniversary gift to each other we add another piece every year. We even have a night of it with friends and family over and serve meatball subs! - J.P. W.

Holly Jolly Crank Calls

There's a tradition in my family where every Christmas Eve is a race - as soon as the sun comes up, the whole family is on the phone, trying to be the first to call and shout "Christmas Eve Gift!" to everyone in the family. There are no prizes, just bragging rights. - T.V.

Sweet Surprises

Every year, my sister-in-law and I hit the dollar store to buy cute Christmasy toys and gifts. We make a gift bag for each child in our family for the 12 days before Christmas, and every night, we leave a little baggy on their doorstep from "Secret Santa." Even the older ones love it and keep the tradition going! - L.A.

Christmas Eve Services & Grandmas House

Christmas Eve church service & then lasagna at Grammar’s house & then come home & open our Christmas Eve pjs and then wake up to see what Santa brought everyone. - R.E.

Matching PJ's

Every year, my mother-in-law buys matching PJ's for all the girls in the family to wear on Christmas Day! - E.K.

A White Christmas Movie Night

My mom and I always watch and sing along to Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas! - A.L.

Christmas Lights and Hot Chocolate

We like to make thermoses of hot chocolate for the kids, drive thru Starbucks, and drive around looking at Christmas lights. - P.P.

The Smith Family of Katy. Photo by Kim Schaffer Photography

Gift-Wrapping Entertainment I watch It's a Wonderful Life every Christmas Eve while I wrap gifts. - J.T.

Seasonal Scavenger Hunt We give PJ’s on Christmas Eve. We also go looking at lights at sometime in the season. My husband creates a scavenger hunt for the girls to do while looking. - J.W.

Yummy Treats

Mexican posadas - yum! - M.P.

Serving Hot Meals and Handing Out Blankets

My husband, myself, and our two junior highers volunteer at homeless shelters serving hot meals and passing out blankets one day every season. We want them to learn how to give, not just get. - H.L.

Cherished Handmade Ornaments

We have 11 grandchildren, some grown up now, and love adorning our tree and our home with all the ornaments and crafts they have made over the years. - B.E.

Festive Attire

I wear the same shirt every year. It’s a Sesame Street shirt that reads “Merry Christmas from the street!” - J.R.

Take Out and Quality Time Every year we order take out on Christmas Eve and spend time together as a family. - E.P.

T'was the Night

We always read Twas the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. - A.W.

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