Katy's Fit Couples

These husband and wife duos demonstrate how exercising together builds both their bond and bodies up.

KATY MAGAZINE |October 2017 Gail Collins

Photography by Reinaldo Medina

Working out as a couple offers time together, accountability, and ultimately success for these dynamic duos. Four couples share their motivation and advice on how to get fit and stay fit, despite demanding careers, kids’ activities and life’s obstacles. They have found fitness maintains the best quality of life.

Healthy Commitment

Jeremy and Clarissa Browning

Ages: Jeremy, 40; Clarissa, 35

Children: Boston, 1

In 2015, when Jeremy and Clarissa Browning took a hard look at themselves, they saw the exact opposite of everything they used to be. Jeremy had played college baseball and coached, while Clarissa was once a ballet dancer. “We were lethargic, restless, and fueling our bodies poorly, which affected our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional selves,” says Jeremy. The couple vowed to become their best and healthiest selves.

“We both feel it is a sign of gratefulness and self-respect to eat clean and workout consistently.” - Clarissa Browning

That commitment led them to investment in six Iron Tribe Fitness franchises, stressing proper nutrition and intelligent fitness for sustainable change. High intensity interval training provides them with a safe, fast-paced, varied workout. While coaching others, Jeremy lost 43 pounds, and Clarissa regained her strength with optimal body fat composition, even after pregnancy. They find inspiration in wanting to share a long life with their son, Boston. “We both feel it is a sign of gratefulness and self-respect to eat clean and workout consistently,” says Clarissa.

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