Katy's Spectacular Birthday Cake Showcase: Top 20 Favorites

When it comes to kids birthday cakes in Katy, here are the top 20 coolest creations that taste just as good as they look.

KATY MAGAZINE | February 2018 By Ashley Lancaster

LEGO My Cake Ida's Sweet Creations

Jumanji Adventures Fulshear Bakery

Little Leia Ida's Sweet Creations

Carousel Dreams Fulshear Bakery

Taco "Bout Delicous Ell's Sweet Treats

Let's Make Up Bake My Day

Don't Be Jelly

Mango Tango Teahouse & Bakery

Princess Poppy's Scrapbook

Bake My Day

The Hungriest Bear in the Whole Wood

Fulshear Bakery


Ell's Sweet Treats

Always Fulshear Bakery

Home Run Ida's Sweet Creations

Rainbow Waves Smallcakes

BB8 My Cake Ida's Sweet Creations

Fluffy Pink Clouds Kingdom Bakery