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Legendary Katy High School Soccer Coach Retires after 36 Seasons


March 26, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

Coach Dianne Loftin has led the Katy High School girls soccer team for 36 season. She won her final home game this month ahead of her retirement.

Coach Dianne Loftin retires after 36 seasons of Katy Tiger Girls Soccer. Photo courtesy of KISD.

36 Seasons of Katy Tiger Soccer

Through 36 seasons with the Katy Tigers, Coach Dianne Loftin has been more than a coach but a mentor to many young Katy women. She retires this year leaving behind a lasting legacy and a school that is grateful for her time building a successful program.

430 Wins, 6 Regional Quarterfinals

Over her tenure, Coach Loftin has led the Katy Tigers to 430 wins to six regional quarterfinals.

Coach Loftin has so many memories from her many seasons coaching the Katy Tiger girls soccer team. “The run for state in 1993 was extremely memorable because we won three shootouts along the way, so the games were super intense,” says Coach Loftin. “This was our highest finish, competing in the regional finals.”

She also recalls the experience of beating Cinco Ranch in the regional quarters in overtime in 2008.

“Honestly, watching kids achieve in many different areas has been extremely memorable,” says Coach Loftin.

On March 8, she won her final home game 4-0 against Taylor High School. Katy fans and previous players packed the stands to celebrate the coach and all that she has done for this community.

'I love to watch kids push and succeed.'

“I have had a few students who have far exceeded their expectations and those are the success stories near and dear to me,” says Coach Loftin. “Making the varsity team just out of sheer work ethic and desire, and winning a college scholarship the same way, I just love to watch kids push and succeed.”

Coach Loftin has past players who are now coaches themselves, coaching in junior highs, high schools and even colleges.

In 36 seasons, Coach Loftin has seen many changes.

“The biggest challenge for me is probably the current social media craze,” says Coach Loftin. “It just seems to have placed a lot more pressure on our students and our teams to ‘keep up with the Joneses,’ and do things just for the publicity ‘Likes’.”

What's Next

Coach Loftin is looking forward to spending time with family and traveling in her retirement. She does have scheduled some job opportunities that involve leadership training, team building and mentoring.

“Katy High School has been such a blessing to me and just getting to be a part of it for so long has been my success story,” says Coach Loftin.


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