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Local Family Seeks Public Help After their Camper was Stolen


February 26, 2024

By Natalie Cook Clark


A local family is desperately looking for their stolen camper. They bought the camper to help their children who suffer from severe allergies. Now it’s gone and while it was taken in Brookshire, it could be in Katy.

Photos and footage courtesy of Rebecca Wiley.


Camper Stolen Last Thursday

Owner Rebecca Wiley says that their Forest River Vibe 34BH camper was stolen on Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 1:25 a.m. in Brookshire near the new construction warehouses off of Woods Road.

As shown in security photos, the truck of the thief is rather unique so Wiley and her husband hope that this will help authorities and the public find the person who did this.

The suspect appears to have have done this before as he clearly knew what he was doing. He first came on foot with a blow torch to cut their hitch lock off and then returned with his truck to steal it.


The Wiley family purchased the camper to help their children when they were suffering from severe allergies. This gave them the freedom to travel and do things as a family while staying safe.


“It only took ten minutes or less of mold exposure for our kids’ immune system to be set off to cause brain damage inflammation where their bodies start attacking itself,” explains Wiley. “They have already had brain damage from this and have been healing for years. It’s just so heartbreaking that we work so hard to protect our children and then someone like this just takes it as their own.”

Fortunately, their children are now healed, and they do have what they currently need to help them. The camper means a lot to them because of why they originally bought it.


Security Footage Caught Thief on Film

Security footage shows the trailer as the thief takes it away last Thursday night.

The Wileys are working with Waller County Sheriff’s Department, who said that sadly this happens very often.


The passenger side of the trailer has the spare tire on the side so it’s not on the back of the camper. There is also a separate septic tank on the back and an it has an air purifier.


“If I could say something to this thief, I would ask how he would feel if something he purchased and worked hard on to help keep his children or family safe was stolen from him,” says Wiley. “I also pray for conviction of his heart. No one deserves to have their property stolen from them.”


If you have any information on this stolen camper, please contact Waller County Sheriff’s Office at 979-826-8282.


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lekor adams
lekor adams
Jun 18

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