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Local Non Profit Spends $3.25 Million on Katy Families in Need


Katy Christian Ministries strives to strengthen families by providing comprehensive case management, emergency financial assistance to prevent homelessness, supplemental food, help with Health Benefits Access such as Gold Card, SNAP, TANF, Medicaid, Medicare, and CHIP, and more.

Katy Christian Ministries (KCM) has been a place of hope and transformation for 34 years in the Katy/West Houston Community. Founded by a collaboration of churches as a way to address growing needs in the community, KCM provides critical help at what is often the point of desperation in the lives of those who need it. "KCM helped me and my family 7 years ago. I now own my own business and I am able to come back and share the love back with them. Whatever situation you are in, never give up...let this be an example that anything is possible" - Andrew, former client, now a donor.

Key Achievements of Katy Christian Ministries in 2017: - KCM spent $3.25m on Programs providing services free of charge to the community. - The Crisis Center assisted 620 victims of domestic violence and 292 victims of sexual abuse. - Social Services assisted 8,216 families. - $424,000 was used for direct financial assistance for emergency shelter, mortgage/rent, and utilities. 1,658 families were assisted with Health Benefits Access Program including, Medicaid, Medicare, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), Gold Card, TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program). The Food Pantry served 3,166 families and distributed 605,588 meals.

With the Board of Directors assistance, KCM achieved a successful & clean 2017 Audited Financial Statement for the second year in a row, confirming all financial controls are in place and in compliance.


KCM Programs

- Homework Buddies: After school homework help for Katy children.

- Red Apple Program: Supplies ready to help children in need start the school year strong.

- Crisis Center: Free, anonymous, 24/7 hotline providing support, education, and resources to meet the needs in the community and surrounding areas for those affected by Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse.

- Resale Store: Gently used (as well as new) clothing, furniture and household goods that is constantly changing, but items are always well priced.

- Santa's Sleigh: Christmas assistance for eligible families to receive financial help and toys, clothes, and supplies.

- Food Pantry: Helping meet the nutritional, emotional, and spiritual needs by assisting families through supplemental food and personal care items.


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