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Meet the Real Craftwives of Katy


By April Carroll

Whether it's to make extra income, or to let the creative juices flow, moms all over Katy are making crafts to sell. Almost every weekend, you can find a craft show in or around Katy, thanks to an abundance of selling potential. Shoppers love unique, handmade, or customized treasures, and that's what they'll find at one of The Real Craftwives of Katy markets.

Crafty Beginnings and Goals

Kellye Casey and two friends started The Real Craftwives of Katy so neighborhood moms could help each other grow their home businesses. Their plan was for the group to hold shows for crafters to showcase their products and boost sales.

One of Casey's original partners moved, and the other experienced business growth, so Casey now runs the group herself. She says the goal is “to continue to grow and diversify our market.”

Every year, the number of vendors at the shows increases. Customers can discover wonderful finds like handcrafted wood, jewelry, food and more. Casey hopes the success will continue.

“The Real Craftwives of Katy gives me purpose," says Casey.

Although dates vary, The Real Craftwives of Katy hold spring, fall and holiday events. The spring and holiday shows are currently held at the Cane Island community center, and the fall shows are held at No Label Brewery. Casey says that the holiday show is their biggest event, by far, although all of the shows are successful for the vendors.

Craft shows and markets in the Houston area are incredibly popular. But The Real Craftwives of Katy strive to make their markets very family friendly. The group always offers activities for kids at their events, such as bounce houses, face painting, balloon art, and pictures with Santa.

Are you a Crafty Wife in Katy?

If you’re interested in starting a home business or selling your homemade crafts, Casey says the path to success begins with advertising. Start with social media to gauge people's interest in your product. Then determine if your product is functional, and you can make and sell it at a reasonable price.

“People like all kinds of different products, but affordability is key!” says Casey.

Hard work helps too. Casey recalls a favorite success story about a stay-at-home Katy mom who wanted to supplement her family's income without going back to work. She started selling at one of The Real Craftwives of Katy’s first shows, and now her business is so successful, her husband quit his job to help her full time.

Robin Garcia, owner of Cupcake Central, says this group has raised the bar for craft markets. In 2005, she started her cottage baking business. Eight years later, she began selling her goods at The Real Craftwives of Katy markets.

Robin Garcia, Cupcake Central

These markets have “elevated the platform for me to show off my trade," Garcia says. She credits The Real Craftwives of Katy for a lot of the following she has for her business.

Six years and over 6000 followers later, The Real Craftwives of Katy has become a huge success. They have provided a venue for Katy moms to earn extra income without re-entering the traditional workforce. Plus, they help stay-at-home moms pursue something they love to do.

Casey’s husband and kids are at the shows and are ready to help any of the vendors.

"I love to bring our amazing community together to help local, hard-working people make money! My family is a huge part of the day, and that makes me so proud," says Casey.

How To Get Involved

Casey is always on the lookout for unique vendors, and anyone can join The Real Craftwives of Katy markets. However, she tries to keep the events fresh, without too many vendors showcasing the same type of products.

The group doesn't host formal meetings, and all communication is done on Facebook or by email. If you’re in Katy and want to join The Real Craftwives of Katy and sell your goods at the next market, contact Casey on their Facebook page or email her at for an application.


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