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RODNEY ANDERSON: No Charges Filed in Sexual Assault Case

The Katy high school graduate and OU running back will not be charged with sexual assault according to Cleveland County District Attorney, Greg Mashburn.


December 14, 2017

Ashley Lancaster

Anderson, 21, who graduated from Katy High School in 2015, was accused of raping a woman in her apartment. She filed for a protective order after alleging the leading rusher forced her to have intercourse with him on November 16, and that she feared for her safety.

Mr. Anderson's attorney has called the accusations, "patently false." And today he was exonerated, after having cooperated with Cleveland County and the Norman Police Department. Late last week, Anderson submitted to and passed a three-hour lie-detector test, administered by former FBI polygraph examiner, Bill Brown.

"We want to make sure that sexual assault victims feel comfortable coming forward," said Mashburn.


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