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Soldier Returns Home to Katy, Performing with the U.S. Army Field Band


October 30, 2019

By Ali Litton

Staff Sergeant Amy Luegering Houck returns to her hometown to perform with the Army Field Band during a free concert at Tompkins High School this Saturday evening.

The free concert, by the prestigious Army Field Band from Washington, DC, will take place on Saturday, November 2 at 7:00 pm at the Tompkins High School Performing Arts Center, 4400 Falcon Landing Boulevard in Katy. The community is welcome to attend this special concert, co-hosted by Katy ISD Fine Arts Department and the Cinco Ranch Conservatory of Music.

From CRHS to U.S. Army

Staff Sergeant Amy Leugering Houck, an accomplished oboist in the Army Field Band, graduated from Cinco Ranch High School in 2009. In high school, she achieved the esteemed position of drum major, though her musical beginnings stretch back much further.

Amy started playing piano at age four. Parents, Greg and Barbara Leugering, share that Amy was always very engaged with her music and it was never a struggle to get her to practice. In junior high school, Amy picked up the oboe and excelled quickly, paving the way for her success today.

Auditioning for the Field Army Band was not as easy as showing up ready to play. The process was long, but in the end, worth it to Amy and her supportive family. Even after winning a spot to audition, Amy had to pass the MEPS evaluation to determine her eligibility to serve in the Armed Forces. Once deemed qualified, she re-auditioned for her spot and then concluded the intensive 10-week Army boot-camp to earn her place as a soldier in the U.S. Army.

Proud Parents

“We’ve always been patriotic people, but this is the first (military member) in our family, and especially as a woman, it’s very cool,” her mother, Barbara, shares.

Greg and Barbara are so proud of Amy that they consider themselves somewhat “band groupies” as they follow the Army Field Band on tour around the country. Having ample opportunity to see Amy gives them both joy, as was evident in their voices as they spoke of following their daughter on her travels.

Amy’s sister, Rachel Knight, graduated from Cinco Ranch High School in 2008, and she, too, is musically inclined. She is the current band director at Beckendorff Junior High. A talented musician in her own right, Rachel was instrumental in bringing Amy and the U.S. Army Field Band to Katy to perform.

An Honor for Katy

The U.S. Army Band is celebrating more than 70 years of musical excellence. According to the Army, The Concert Band & Soldiers’ Chorus are the oldest and largest of The U.S. Army Field Band’s performing components. They have performed in all 50 states and 30 foreign countries for audiences totaling hundreds of millions. It is a great honor to have such a renowned and elite band play in Katy.

Due to seating limitations, free tickets can be reserved at the Army Field Band website.

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