Warmer Weather Means More Critters: What Katy Needs to Know

Spring is upon us and with warmer weather comes wildlife reappearing in our homes and yards. Here are some helpful links and tips on what to do if you spot a critter you don't recognize.


February 19, 2018

By Jennifer Skelton

Opening photo by Matt Greene

Snakes, fire ants, and spiders are a few species that will be creeping and crawling their way into our lawns and homes this Spring. Below are links and reminders for how to handle them.

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Copperheads have chestnut or reddish-brown crossbands on a lighter colored body. In the spring, these can be found near rivers, streams, and bayous along with weed-covered vacant lots. Their venom is not deadly because they don't see humans as prey. The bite, however, becomes infected easily so those bitten should seek medical treatment immediately. If a Copperhead bites, it is due to a fear response. This is the most common snake bite because in fear they don't retreat but freeze and area often stepped on.