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Stolen Bike, Gift from Deceased Father Returned to Taylor HS Student


March 4, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

Last month, a Katy mom reached out to the community to help find her son’s stolen bike. The bike held sentimental value as it was the last gift the boy’s dad gave him before he passed away. Yesterday, the bike was located, and returned to the young man this afternoon.

Jodi Dukat wouldn't give up the search for her son Gage's bike. Last November the bike was taken from the bike rack in front of Taylor High School.

"I've been following a stolen bike site on Facebook, and last night I was alerted by another follower that they saw the bike listed online," says Jodi Dukat.

Dukat and her niece reached out to the person listing the bike. The seller responded to her niece and made arrangements for her "husband" to meet up. Officer Bowden with the Houston Police Department actually met up with the seller and confirmed that the bike was indeed Gage's orange and black Trek 3500.

Officer Bowden determined the seller hadn't taken the bike from the high school. Once the situation was explained, the seller handed over the bike without incident.

Today after school, Gage was reunited with the bike.

A Theft of Opportunity “The bike wasn’t locked up,” says Jodi Dukat.

“This is a conversation we’ve had a lot and I know from now on he will always lock up a bike. The bike was parked on the end of the rack and it was easy to see that it wasn’t locked. I think this is why it was targeted. It was an easy steal.”

Jodi Dukat worked with the Katy ISD Police Department to recover the stolen bike, and posted to social media and neighborhood group pages in the hopes of recovering the bike.

To Gage, the bike was so much more than a means of transportation. The bike was the last gift that his father, Scott Dukat gave him before he passed away when Gage was 12 years old.


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