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Summer Shakes and Smoothies in Katy to Keep You Cool


By Veronica Miko

Shake things up this summer with refreshing ice cold beverages from local Katy establishments. Indulge in decadent chocolate, fresh fruit, candy creations, or even unicorn poop to quench your summer thirst!


20950 Katy Fwy.

Take a break with a hand-dipped milkshake from Steak and Shake this summer. Enjoy a vanilla milkshake blended with chocolatey KIT KAT® pieces and topped with whipped cream and a cherry.



23318 Mercantile Pkwy.

Chocolate and hazelnut combine with cocoa crisps in this decadent Red Robin shake. Topped with chocolate whipped cream and chocolate treats, this shake is sure to make you say “yum."


2240 S. Mason Rd.

Bahama Bucks, the original shaved ice company, boasts they're the "best sno on earth!" Check out Bahama Bucks' patriotic assortment of refreshers - Red: Strawberry Bliss, White: Coconut Kulana and Blue: Wavebender.


Some say nothing beats an original...Fuddruckers' thick and creamy milkshakes make everyone feel like a kid again. So go ahead, order a classic vanilla or chocolate shake topped with whipped cream, and of course a cherry on top.



23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd.

You'll feel like you're floating in the clouds with Jamba Juice's new smoothie, Vanilla Blue Sky. This creamy refresher is prepared with unsweetened almond milk, vanilla coconut milk, bananas, pineapples and blue spirulina boost.


Multiple Katy Locations

Chick-fil-A delivers southern charm with their peach milkshake. Handspun with vanilla Icedream® and filled with fresh peaches, this seasonal shake will surely hit the spot on a hot summer day.


2643 Commercial Center Blvd.

Bernie’s Burger Bus puts a twist on a traditional apple pie dessert with a homemade shake. Indulge in a cinnamon apple and salted caramel shake that’s as rich as it is delicious.



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