Big Katy Families: How the Nichols Family Homeschools with Love and Virtue

Arland and Cindy Nichols are raising their troupe of six children to be loving, successful, and virtuous individuals.


By Ashley Lancaster

Raising children is a demanding, often thankless job. No doubt raising six kids under the age of 12 can seem nearly impossible, but Arland and Cindy Nichols are doing just that - raising six (soon to be 7) happy, healthy, and kind children.

Married for 13 years, Arland and Cindy first met at the St. Mary's Catholic Center at Texas A&M University when Arland was a sophomore and Cindy a freshman. "He recruited me to play flute in the choir and that’s where our friendship began, however, it would be another 2 years or so before we began dating," says Cindy.

What began as a friendship turned into a forever love, and after they married, the Nichols' moved to Katy so that Arland could earn his Master's Degree at The University of St. Thomas. Later, he accepted a position as a teacher at St. John XXIII College Preparatory, and they have called Katy home for 11 years.

They planted roots in Katy when Cindy was pregnant with their first and the family has been growing ever since. They currently have six children - Joseph (11), Mary Catherine (9), Thomas (7), Therese (6), Bernadette (4), and Michael (2) two sweet souls in Heaven lost to miscarriage, and have another child on the way. "We are expecting number 7, a boy and our 'tie-breaker' in early September!"

Cindy homeschools Mary Catherine, Thomas, and Therese, while their oldest, Joseph attends Western Academy, an all-boys Catholic school in Houston.

A Team Effort

Caring for and raising six kids is a challenge, but the Nichols do it with grace, patience, and consistency. "The biggest challenge is probably logistics. As the kids get older and more involved in outside activities, it’s hard to coordinate rides, etc. And with Arland’s work at the St. John Paul II Foundation, he is often traveling or has commitments after work, so it’s even more difficult. Sometimes I need to hire a babysitter to come help out just to get multiple kids where they need to be," says Cindy.