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Thieves Steal Power Tools from Multiple Cinco Ranch Garages

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April 21, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Katy family in Cinco Ranch, specifically Northlake Village, had tools stolen from their garage earlier this week. The thieves were caught on security camera. They were not the only home hit.

Screenshot from video provided by a Cinco Ranch resident.

Two Thieves Stole Power Tools from Multiple Cinco Ranch Garages

Two men were caught on home security camera Tuesday morning as they unlocked a gate door and entered a Cinco Ranch family’s garage. The resident, who doesn’t wish to be named, says that they were in the garage for just over three minutes.

“The thieves stole a cordless drill and a tool belt,” says the resident. “They also went in the refrigerator and helped themselves to a bottle of water!”

According to the resident, their neighbors down the street also had tools stolen, including a cordless drill, a cordless saw and a cordless screwdriver that same night.

Watch the Video

These crimes were reported to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and an investigation is ongoing.

“The sheriff said there have been quite a few of these burglaries lately,” says the resident. “He stated thieves take items that can be easily pawned or resold online.”

The resident says that they were told that they are doing everything right to avoid such a crime. They had motion detecting lights, in addition to exterior lights and their security camera was in plain sight.

“But this was obviously not a deterrent,” says the resident. “Our exterior gate was locked but they were able to slide something in the latch and gain access.”

Home security cameras on the street are helping to form a accurate timeline of these crimes.

“There is another video from a nearby home with a camera, showing the thieves reaching to check a garage door over a fence and leaving when it was locked,” says the resident. “We are four houses away from this house and the thieves are on their camera 40 minutes before they reach our home. This indicates they took their time rummaging through resident’s cars and garages.”

Family Urges Others to Stay Vigilant

This Cinco Ranch family urges other residents to be vigilant and aware even while at home.

Our comments to the thieves would be there is absolutely nothing in a garage worth dying for. Based on the comments on the video on Nextdoor, quite a few residents would not hesitate to shoot an intruder in their garage. Dying for a cordless drill seems like a terrible waste.

To other residents we would say: Be vigilant and aware even while at home.

Unknown that someone had entered their garage, the resident exited the back door less than three minutes after the thieves ran off. He took recycling from his garage to the bins.

“It is scary to consider what these individuals would have done if cornered in our garage,” says the resident. “We certainly are not armed or anticipate any trouble entering our own garage.”

If you find or feel that you have been stolen from or see suspicious activity on home security cameras, always notify authorities.

“It is disheartening and disconcerting to have this happen,” says the resident.


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