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Tompkins Dance Team Recruiting Little Sidekicks for Upcoming Game


September 11, 2018

Jennifer Lynn

Every little girl in Katy who dreams of being a dancer or cheerleader, also dreams of dancing with their role models. This year, the Tompkins Crimson Cavalettes will perform a dance with Kindergarten through 6th grade children during a varsity football game.

The Crimson Cavalettes From Obra D. Tompkins High are in their sixth year and continuously wow crowds at football games, pep rallies and basketball games. The Cavalettes represent Tompkins at community events, charity functions, and even host birthday parties. In addition, the Cavalettes compete at a variety of dance contests every spring, and as part of competition season, the Cavalettes host a contest at Tompkins High School every year in March drawing in talented teams from around the state.

During the Tompkins vs. Seven Lakes football game on Friday, September 28 at 6:30 pm at Legacy Stadium, the children, will join the Cavalettes in the stands and on the field for pre-game to perform drill team routines.

To register, click here, and fill out the registration form either online or by printing the form and turning it into the directors (Mrs. Fortenberry or Mrs. Way) at Tompkins High.

A "sidekick" does not need to have previous dance or cheerleading experience. A Meet & Greet will take place on Wednesday, September 26 at Tompkins High. Click for full details here.


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