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Two Katy Area Drug Busts Near Elementary Schools


February 25, 2018

Precinct 5’s Narcotics unit has arrested two drug suppliers on felony charges of marijuana possession with intent to deliver.

Investigators seized more than $35,000 worth of drugs as a result of the two busts in West Harris County, one in Memorial Parkway Elementary and another in the Bear Creek Elementary neighborhood.

Memorial Parkway Elementary Area

The first suspect had 12 pounds of marijuana in his possession, along with 152 grams of edible THC and 50 grams of THC wax, a highly concentrated form of marijuana. The arrest took place on Thursday after a delivery in the 1000 block of Park Knoll Lane, Map it. This location is 0.3 mile from Memorial Parkway Elementary.

Bear Creek Neighborhood Bust

The second suspect had eight pounds of marijuana in his possession, as well as 84 grams of THC wax and four grams of chewable LSD candy. He was arrested on Friday in the 4700 block of Hickory Downs. Map it. This location is 0.2 miles from Bear Creek Elementary.

Precinct 5 investigators are still looking into area drug dealers who were supplied by the two suspects.


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