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Wendy Duncan, Katy Mom, Professional, and Volunteer Runs for Commissioner


March 25, 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy's Wendy Duncan has launched her campaign for Fort Bend County Commissioner Precinct 3 more than a year out from the election. She plans to use the time to prepare for the position by connecting with residents, local authorities, and politicians. Duncan hopes to unseat Commissioner Andy Meyers, after 22 years of service, and bring a fresh perspective to the issues facing the county.

Duncan Starts Early to Prepare for Position

Duncan says she will use the time before next March's primaries, and the general election in November 2020, to connect with voters and officials so they can learn from each other.

Duncan, who runs a property acquisition and management business alongside her husband, is also the current Director for Willow Fork Drainage District. She took the position in May, 2017.

Duncan Informed and Volunteered During Harvey

Like the entire community, Duncan was affected by the destruction and devastation from Hurricane Harvey, and felt compelled to take action.

"I was grateful to be in a position where I could help people because of my connections from my volunteer positions from schools," says Duncan. She took to posting on many Facebook groups and pages to help keep Katy residents and businesses up to date on the latest recovery information and resources.

"I teamed up with friends and fellow volunteers Joy Siebenman and Sue LaPrade and we formed the 'LaPrade Brigade.' We sought out homes that needed work," says Duncan. The LaPrade Brigade helped around 50 homes in the aftermath of Harvey.

Wendy Duncan and friends help muck out a house after Harvey. Photo Credit: Wendy Duncan

Key Points Impacting Fort Bend County

Duncan is running on five major points that impact the residents and business owners in Fort Bend County and the Precinct 3 area, and outlying areas of Katy as well.

Prevent Flooding

Duncan's experience as the Willow Fork Drainage District Director during Harvey, as well as her community relief efforts, have made flood prevention her top priority.

"Flood prevention is a major issue and concern for this area due to both capacity and conveyance," says Duncan.

She co-founded the Barker Flood Prevention Advocacy last June, and has been working to find solutions to prevent such flooding if our area gets another storm like Harvey. The group is revisiting the 1996 Katy Freeway Study and discussing several avenues to improve the Barker Reservoir.

As Commissioner, Duncan would use her position to continue her work on such projects, but is clear on the need to find the right solution.

"We don't want to displace the problem in one area to just create a problem in another area," she explains. "I also will focus on implementing regional solutions to get homes out of the 100 year flood plain."

Relieve Traffic

"We need to build mobility structure that meets the demands of our population growth," explains Duncan. "Grand Parkway as well as 1093 and Cane Island Parkway are particularly trouble spots."

Reduce Road Noise

Duncan is currently in communication with the Texas Department of Transportation and working on a number of solutions for this initiative.

"This is a huge quality of life issue for a lot of people and one that must be addressed," says Duncan.

Involve Constituents

"Residents need to be in control of their own destiny," says Duncan.

As Commissioner, she would run town hall meetings and communicate with constituents.

"Creating a flood district required education, communication, and the discussion of pros and cons," Duncan says. "I want to have those conversations and hear their thoughts."

Keep Taxes Low

Duncan plans to keep taxes low through effective and strategic fiscal responsibility.

Educator Turned Politician

Wendy Duncan has a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a math emphasis from Texas A&M. She has taught math, science, history and English for 4th to 8th grades. She taught in Houston and served as the assistant principal at Memorial Drive Elementary. Duncan also served as an administrator at Spring Branch ISD.

"Being an educator has greatly prepared me for the task of commissioner," says Duncan. "As a teacher, you know a little bit about a lot of things. As an assistant principal, I mediated conflicts with students, parents, and teachers, finding solutions and resolving conflicts. In administration, I gained valued leadership experience and developed strategic goals both short term and long term."

Katy Mom and Resident

Wendy Duncan is married with three sons and a dog named Gizmo. The boys attend Cinco Ranch High School, Strake Jesuit, and Grace School. The Duncans have lived in Katy since 2001, and they love going to the movies and supporting their boys' activities.

"We love watching our boys in their sports - my oldest swims, my middle plays football, and my youngest is a hockey goalie," says Duncan.

What's Next?

Duncan continues to work on flood preventative plans that include working with government officials.

"The legislature has several bills that we are supporting through Houston Stronger and Barker Flood Prevention - SB 7 and SB 500," says Duncan. "I will be speaking at the Fulshear Katy Area Chamber of Commerce on April 10th at 7:30am about flood management past, present and future."

There will be Campaign Kickoff Party on Thursday, March 28, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at Whiskey River (6535 S. Peek Road, Richmond).


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