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Man Draws Gun on Teens in Car in Front of Tompkins High School


September 30, 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

In a road rage incident, a man yelled racial slurs and pulled a gun on a car full of Katy teens in front of Tompkins High School this weekend. No one was harmed. The incident is being investigated by the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office.

Incident Occurred in Front of Tompkins HS

On Saturday, September 28 around 3:00 pm, a car full of Katy teens took a wide turn from Falcon Landing onto Katy Gaston Road in front of Tompkins High School. The male driver went into another vehicle's lane but avoided a collision. What happened next was alarming.

Driver Yelled Racial Slurs, Pulled Out Gun

"The driver got out walked up to my son's car, starting swearing at them, called one of his friends the 'N' word," says Jennifer Setchen-Cantu. "He then went back to his car reached into his car and pulled a gun on a car full of 17 year olds. If that wasn’t bad enough he was using racial slurs towards two of the boys in the vehicle - one black child and one Indian child."

Authorities Investigating the Incident

Jennifer's husband and her son notified the police and met with a deputy from Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office.

"A carload of teens on Spring Green turning onto Falcon Ranch noticed the car behind them was tailgating them," says Major Chad Norvell with FBCSO. "At Falcon Landing and Gaston the other driver pulled up next to them and was yelling at them. He then pointed a gun at them and then sped off. Suspect vehicle described as a white Ford Escape."

Setchen-Cantu's son described the vehicle as being a white Ford Escape with the first three letters of the plates being "LCV."

Dash Cams Gaining Popularity

Concerned people commented on Setchen-Cantu's social media post. Some asked if there were any cameras in the area that may have recorded the incident - perhaps from a home, business or intersection. Maybe another driver in the area captured the suspect's license plate from their vehicle with a "Dash Cam."

Installing "Dash Cams," cameras attached to a vehicle's dashboard is a growing a trend. Lately the market has seen sales of such devices soar. Dash cams are primarily designed to record while a car is in motion. An incident such as Setchen-Cantu's son's could have picked up some useful info to aid authorities in their investigation.

The wider the field of view of the front-facing camera, the better - to capture a wide area in front of the vehicle, catching any vehicles (or possibly animals or people) on the side of the road.

Some dash cams have a Wi-Fi module built in that allows users to connect to the device via an app. These allow users to review and manage files, and usually back up and store important videos on the phone. Files can also be emailed, like to authorities working on a case such as this one.

Suspect May Have Done This Before

Setchen-Cantu took to Facebook to share her son's scary experience.

"A lady reached out to me on Facebook and said she’s pretty sure the same guy did something similar to her," she says. "I'll be looking for you along with some deputies."


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